Ranking The Best Point Guards In The NBA

Story From John Hollinger on ESPN.com

So right now, my list of the top point guards in the league looks like this:

1. Williams
2. Nash
3. (Keeping it warm for Paul)
4. Rondo
5. Billups

Honorable mention: Rose, Westbrook, Parker, Nelson.

Has John Hollinger lost his mind? Chauncey Billups as the Number 5 best point guard in the NBA? What year is this 2004?

I saw this article yesterday and I was shocked that someone could have a top 5 point guard list with Chauncey Billups in it.

Chauncey was 15th amongst point guards in assists and 22nd in field goal percentage. So what the hell am I missing here? If you put Derek Rose on the Nuggets and Billups on the Bulls I think the Nuggets would have won their first series and the Bulls wouldnt have made the playoffs.

If I had to rank my top 5 (throwing out CP3 because he barely played this year) this is what it looks like.

1. Nash

2. Williams

3. Rondo

4. Rose

5. Parker

Then honorable mentions in order Jameer Nelson, Russell Westbrook, Devin Harris, John Wall, Billups

I think Nash is still the best pg in the league, if you look at his numbers they have barely decreased over the past 5 years, which is incredible. Williams has supplanted Paul because of CP3′s injury issues. Rondo is clearly the number 3, and if he ever adds an outside shot and maybe a little 4th quarter confidence you could absolutely make an argument for him as the best in the game. Then you have Rose who like Rondo could easily be number 1 when having this discussion 2-3 years from now and Tony Parker who still controls a game and is able to dissect a defense at an exceptional level. I would even take John Wall over Billups and he hasn’t played 1 second in the NBA. That’s how ridicolous I think it is putting Chauncey in a top 5 point guard list.

Someone needs to take away this guys press credentials and give them to me. I promise I would at least say stupid shit on purpose, and probably start a media controversy when I talked about my dick in the 3rd article I ever wrote.


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7 Responses to “Ranking The Best Point Guards In The NBA”

  • ’10 champ ain’t far off, I just swap d-will and cpaul and boom.

  • And maybe you could explain to me how a liability on defense could be the best point guard in the NBA

    Thanks Big Cat.

  • Here is the correct list:

    1.Chris Paul
    2.Deron Williams
    3.Steve Nash
    4.Rajon Rondo
    5.Derrick Rose

  • Was Devin Harris an obligatory shout out? I’m not sure he’s ever played 15 NBA games back-to-back in his life. Man of glass.

  • my all star team.
    mo william
    quintin richardon

    anyone wanna do fantasy this year?

  • And it’s always fun to see Nash with someone’s nuts in his face.

  • I disagree with Parker, I think I would put Nelson ahead of him. He can’t hit outside shots either and his defense is far worse than Rose and Rondo’s

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