Does Lebron Realize He Is Being A Huge Asshole?

This is an honest question. I understand that he is being a smart business man because everyone in the world, including yours truly, will be tuned in at 8 pm tonight. But with that point aside, do you think Lebron even for one second has thought about how insanely egotistical and ridiculous this whole escapade has become? I’m guessing no one in his notorious “camp” will ever tell him that he’s being a dick. That probably doesn’t happen when you surround yourself with a bunch of 25 year old yes men. So the question is, is there anyone in the world that can tell Lebron to cut the shit and stop acting like a complete and utter dickhole?

I mean does Lebron actually think that by doing this whole special people will like him more? It’s the exact opposite, everyone I have talked to dislikes Lebron more because of his “special”. And with good reason, there is no way he doesn’t come across as being a huge asshole. If he stays in Cleveland he was a complete asshole for making this whole process his personal dog and pony show for the past 2 weeks and if he leaves he is an asshole for betraying his hometown. Either way Lebron James, you lose.

So why the hell even do this thing? So that you can really stick the knife into the 4 fan bases that don’t get the “privilege” to watch you play every night. That’s fucked up.

Lebron clearly is doing this for two reasons. 1) Lebron never got to do the college recruiting thing, so this is his chance to be wooed and have his national signing day moment, and boy is he milking it. 2) The more and more we get to know the real Lebron the more we learn that he doesn’t care about basketball as much as he cares about his image. Being a global icon is first, being a great basketball player is second.

So I guess when you put it all together it makes sense, I just wish someone had the balls to tell him to stop this bullshit and just play basketball. I like Lebron the basketball player about a million times more than I like Lebron the 25 year old egotistical asshole.

For the record I’m still hoping he comes to Chicago, but my pick is still Cleveland.


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