TheHotGlove’s NBA Mock Draft

NBA Draft Tonight so I had to bring back my favorite draft guru and Hot Glove friend Biffy. Biffy took the odd picks and I took the evens and we drafted the first 13 picks for tonight. Why 13 you ask? Because Biffy and I haven’t finished watching tape on David Ebanks, and Quincy Poindexter.

1. Washington Wizards: John Wall (PG, Kentucky) — would be the most obvious pick of the draft were it not for the fact that Gilbert Arenas is harder to get rid of than a scorching case of herpes, which in turn could lead some to argue for Evan Turner here, but at the end of the day you’ve gotta pick the best player.  Plus, Arenas sucks at passing and it’s not a huge deal to have a 6-3 2 guard in the lower wrung of the Eastern Conference. (Biffy)

2. Philadelphia 76ers : Evan Turner (SG, Ohio State) – I love this pick for the sixers, turner is going to be ready to contribute from day 1 and can play 3 different positions. My only concern is that he and Andre Iguodala are similar players. Then again having too many long wing guys on the same NBA team has never ended badly. (Big Cat)

3. New Jersey Nets : Wesley Johnson (SF, Syracuse) - I’m at least as high on Wesley Johnson as the average NBA player is before any regular season game

4. Minnesota Timberolves Trade with Pacers – Johnny Flynn, Al Jefferson and 4th pick for Danny Granger, Tyler Hansborough and 10th Pick.

What a blockbuster trade this was, and I kept to David Kahn form and made sure it A)made no sense (trading Johnny Flynn 1 year after you drafted him) and B) Got completely hosed. Even though Granger is the best player in this trade it was an absolute steal for the rebuilding Pacers.

Pacers select Derrick Favors (PF, Georgia Tech) – Love this pick for the Pacers, you can pair him with Al and let Favors be more of the defensive board guy and Big Al be the offensive guy. Pacer’s fans can send their thank you notes to Kahn right now.

5. Sacramento Kings : Greg Monroe (PF, Georgetown) - all of the sudden the kings have the makings of a decent top 5- unfortunately they’re in the west and that’s not enough.  I do fear Monroe has the makings of being a soft Bogut minus a few inches (gasp! I compared a white and a black player!)

6. Golden State Warriors : Demarcus Cousins (C, Kentucky) – Big slip for the guy who has arguably the most talent in this draft. If he wasn’t a complete headcase he would go number 1, guaranteed. The guy will give you a 20-10 every single night and can play tough down low. I’m just thrilled he fell to me at 6, now we get to watch the craziest player placed on the craziest/least disciplined team. This should end well.

7. Detroit Pistons: Cole Aldrich (C, Kansas)
- Am I the only one who can see Cole Aldrich and Charlie Villanueva not fitting in well together? We are talking about Joe Dumars here, so who the hell knows really?  I mean, why wouldn’t you give $100 million to Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva?

8. Los Angeles Clippers – Al Farooq Aminu (SF, Wake Forest) – Long, raw, athletic, tweener, tremendous upside potential. Clippers should just send him to the D-League right now, cut out the middle man.

9. Utah Jazz : Ed Davis (PF, North Carolina) - He’s super-athletic, but I kinda see some Marvin Williams in him; does anyone else think that Williams likely would have been the star of an NIT UNC team had he stuck around the year after they won their first title under Roy Williams?

10. Minnesota Timberwolves (via trade) Gordon Hayward (SF, Butler) – And now my master plan finally comes through. Timberwolves starting lineup for the 2010-2011 season (I took some liberties at positions, whatever, it’s my mock draft I make the rules)

PG – Ricky Rubio (yes he decided to come back in my alternate reality)

SG – Danny Granger

SF – Gordon Hayward

PF – Tyler Hansborough

C – Kevin Love

Look at that lineup. Danny Granger will think he got lost and put in Pleasantville. Just love the hustle and grit of this starting 5. Dicky V is going to cum himself.

11. New Orleans Hornets: Patty Patterson (PF, Kentucky) - Another big man with questionable work ethic/motivation issues.  You think you’re special, Patty? This could all change if NO ships CP3

12. Memphis Grizzlies : Luke Babbit (SF, Nevada) – I love this kid and I don’t know why. Maybe it was because he looked like Michael Jordan scoring at will against all the other pathetic teams in the WAC. And you know the old saying; if you can make it in the WAC you can make it in the NBA.

13.Toronto: Paul George (SF, Fresno State) - It was at this point I frantically tried taking every other white guy who could go in the lottery, only to see that Big Cat had beat me to the punch.  Because Colangelo, loves white guys/eurotrash.  Anyways, this guy should be a solid NBA player, no superstar.  Could be a Scottie to someone’s Michael, but there’s no Michael in Toronto.


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  • Ha! There is no way Larry Bird would do that but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. As long as the Pacers don’t take Gordon Hayward I’ll be happy though.

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