Canada Bans The Double Down, I Ban Canada

(Source) It came, it fattened, and now it’s gone.

After selling more than one million Double Down sandwiches in less than a month, KFC has removed the controversial item from its menu, the restaurant chain announced Monday.

The Double Down — marketed as the world’s first-ever bun-less sandwich, with slabs of season chicken instead of bread — was only intended to be sold for a limited time when it was introduced to Canadian KFC restaurants on Oct. 14.

Its debut in Canada was met with plenty of hype, as was its introduction in the U.S. months earlier.

The sandwich’s whopping 540 calories created a stir with advocates of healthy eating.

“To be the source of so much excitement, humour and debate has been a phenomenal experience for KFCs from coast to coast,” Dan Howe, spokesman for Yum! Restaurants Canada, the parent company of KFC in Canada, said in a release.

Is anyone really surprised by this news? I sure as hell am not. No other country in the world can handle the shit we can. None. Do you think we became the greatest country by eating carrot sticks and celery? You think George Washington was eating a salad with the dressing on the side? Fuck no.

So go ahead Canada, ban the KFC double down, make yourself feel better for a few days, but I can guarantee you this, your country just made the biggest mistake of its life. You fucked up Canada, and you have no one to blame but yourself, dummy.


Could Canada be anymore hypocritical?

“Oh no, we dont want to eat fried chicken, its so bad for you, omg! Now someone please pass the canadian bacon and that pint glass of maple syrup, I’m thirsty eh”


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13 Responses to “Canada Bans The Double Down, I Ban Canada”

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  • the Canadian government didnt fuck up, America did for creating this disgusting, deep fried, obesity-promoting, coronary clogging, piece of unhealthy garbage

  • mmmm Poutine. Love it… maybe ill make a double down and slap some poutine on top

    Canada Rules!

  • Canada understands quite well what sarcasm is, as well as the demeaning intentions behind op’s sarcasm.

  • Not banned! Merely a limited time offering whose time has come to an end. Quit talking with your mouth full and brain empty

  • op is troll

  • Looks like Canada hasn’t gotten sarcasm yet either.

  • op’s an idiot. Just because Canada is renown for their bacon and maple syrup doesn’t mean we eat it by the ton like you guys from the states. i also don’t think it was the your diet that got the states to be in the position of power their in right now. on top of that, obesity (which is a huge problem in the states) is leading to less productive workers. suck a bag of dicks

  • It clearly says the Canadian Government BANNED the double down. They fucked up, big time.

  • Where does it say in the article that Canada actually banned the Double Down?

    Everyone here knew it was a limited time offer…

  • Canada didnt ban it… KFC discontinued it because it was a limited time offer… like the mcrib sammich in the states… they want to drum up hype get sales than run away before people realize how fat and disgusting they have become

  • Why ban it?!? This is the best thing to happen to “natural selection” since Darwin. Seriously if you are dumb enough to have even tried one of these things you deserve to die….and I mean now not later when I (tax payer) have to pay for your fcking medical bills you diabetes ridden sht heads!! Long live the Double Down, quickly die those who eat it!! Throw McD’s in there too….ALL there food sucks and is terrible. Wendy’s is the only fast food that is perfectly fine to eat.

  • I dont get it. McD’s serves up burgers (Big Mac) that is worse for you across the board besides sodium and people are making it seem like the double down is the worst thing to ever be made!!
    We should all go to Canada, and take dumps in their public fountains

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