Wait, Californians Smoke Weed? Who Knew?

Hey reporter, way to totally narc out these hippies trying to roast a bone before the Giants game. Seriously, we get it, people in San Francisco smoke weed. That’s not news. That’s like saying people in New York like to be assholes, or people in Chicago are insanely attractive and know how to party, or people in Florida like to be pedophiles. All these things are facts, not news. Fact -  San Francisco does two things, baseball and weed.

So stop being a square and acting all shocked. We know you went over and asked for a hit of the j as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. Probably didnt work though because even though you clearly are a sports reporter I’m pretty sure youre a cop too.


It just dawned on me how this world series has the most polar opposite fan bases. It would be like if America played Cambodia in the Super Bowl. Pretty sure Dallas and San Fran don’t even speak the same language.


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