New Study Says Being A Good Gambler Is Genetic

(NEWSER) – If you’re good at poker, you may have your DNA to thank for it. A new study published today found that people withMAOA-L, the so-called “warrior gene,” were both more likely to take risks, and more likely to be able to identify advantageous gambles. Past studies have shown thatMAOA-L leads to more aggressive and risky behavior, and suggested that those who have it are more likely to lash out when provoked.

The current study took a group of 83 men, analyzed their genes, and then gave them a series of financial decision-making exercises. As expected, those with MAOA-Lmade riskier choices—but not less wise ones. When presented with a favorable gamble, those carrying the warrior gene took the plunge more often than their peers,Nature reports. “Risky behavior is not always counterproductive,” says the study’s author, “and it’s not always suboptimal.”

Way to go scientists, tell me something I don’t fucking know. Do you think I’m the best gambler ever by accident? Do you think I am 87-100 in NFL picks this year by accident? Fuck no. I’m a genetically superior creature. Do you know what comes out of my dick when I go to piss in the morning? Straight MAOA-L Genes. I have those chromosomes coming out of my fucking eyeballs.

But you know what they say, don’t hate the player hate the game. I guess it sucks for everyone else that my genes make it so I am great at deciding between the Titans +3 and Colts tonight. That’s just life.


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  • [...] Was that the best Garbage time cover of all time last night? Had to be. There was no reason for that touchdown, none. But thats what happens when everyone and the pope bets on one side, they lose. And I’m not saying the NFL is fixed because I would never in a million years criticize my BEST FRIEND. But if you were to make the argument that the fix was on, last night is a pretty good place to start. The Colts one, they deserved to win, and Vegas won because the Titans covered with o seconds left. Oh and I won too because like I said yesterday I have an awesome genetic makeup. [...]

  • You mean taking the opposite of your picks is sound gambling advice. Yes that is correct

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