Is There Anything Better Than Watching The Yankees Get Snubbed? Cliff Lee To The Phillies

The numbers had been crunched and all the scenarios exhausted Monday night when Cliff Lee finally made his decision.

He picked up the phone, thanked Rangers general manager Jon Daniels for his time in Texas and revealed he was signing with the Philadelphia Phillies. Agent Darek Braunecker simultaneously delivered the news to New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman. And just like that, Lee was back where he felt he belonged.

The most intriguing negotiation of the hot stove season came to a stunning conclusion late Monday when Lee, 32, spurned bigger offers from the Yankees and Rangers and agreed to a five-year, guaranteed $120 million contract with the Phillies, sources said. The deal includes an “easily reachable” vesting option for a sixth year, a source said, and most likely will ensure that Lee finishes his career in a Philadelphia uniform

I fully admit that I’m a waning baseball fan. I just don’t give a shit about this hot oven bullshit, but whenever the Yankees get their dick smashed in for LESS money, I suddenly wake up and have my self a good laugh. Cliff Lee basically said to Brian Cashman, thanks for all that cash but I’m going to keep my soul and get paid far less with significantly less job security. Love it.

And yes I do understand now that the Phillies are basically a lock to win the next 5 world series with Roy Oswalt as their FOURTH starter but who gives a fuck. That’s all philadelphians have. Its not like Vick will win a Super Bowl. So let them have baseball and acting like dickheads. I’ll take philly fans over yankees fans 10 times out of 10 times. Besides, playoff baseball is literally the easiest thing in the world to ignore if your team is out of it.


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One Response to “Is There Anything Better Than Watching The Yankees Get Snubbed? Cliff Lee To The Phillies”

  • they only have those 4 starters locked up for 2 more years, then oswalt is gone I believe, hamels the year after.

    3 of these guys are over 32 y/o…

    yankees suck

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