Jonathan Lee Riches, The Zeus Of Lawsuits, Has Sued Over 3,800 People

(Newser) – Federal inmate Jonathan Lee Riches has sued Stevie Wonder. He’s sued George W. Bush. He’s sued Michael Vick and Martha Stewart. He’s sued the philosopher Plato and the ex-planet Pluto. Riches has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits while in jail—many of them against people or entities that can’t be sued—and now he’s being sued himself by federal officials seeking to stop the flood of frivolous lawsuits, the AP reports.

Riches—who calls himself the “Zeus of lawsuits”—has filed suits in nearly every jurisdiction in the country since being jailed almost a decade ago for an online credit card scam. Federal officials want the Bureau of Prisons to block his outgoing mail or have a court employee designated to determine whether the lawsuits are frivolous before they are filed.

I fucking love this guy. Go big or go home right? You want to be the Zeus of lawsuits well then lets get our sue on. Suing everyone under the fucking sun. Dead guys, blind guys, any one and everyone, no one is safe from getting sued. If you’ve even looked at Jonathan Lee Riches the wrong way you better expect a lawsuit on your front doorstep by 8 am.

And I love the self appointed nickname. Classy move. Doesnt matter if anyone has ever called you the Zeus of lawsuits if you think you’re the best out there and deserve to be named after a mythological god then have at it bro, I for one am not going to step in your way, I don’t want to get my ass sued.


I can’t believe they stopped that lawsuit on the planet Pluto. That fucking guy had a lawsuit coming his way for a long time. Happy someone finally stepped up to the plate.


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