Woman Makes Fellow Inmates Sick When She Sells Them Drugs That Were Stashed In Her Vagina

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Rhonda Sue Tomlin, a 43-year-old inmate at the Naples County Jail scored herself a few more charges after drugs that were sold from her vagina made two fellow inmates sick.

According to police, Tomlin was arrested booked into the Naples County Jail on Friday after her became stranded and a Florida Trooper stopped to help. Although she gave a fake, the Trooper eventually discovered her real name and saw that she had six outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was taken to jail and placed in a day room at the facility.

Later on around 4:40 a.m., an inmate came to authorities and stated that Tomlin was distributing pills to other inmates. Officers strip searched Tomlin, and found a plastic bag in her vagina containing a combined 10 grams of Xanax and Oxycodonepills.

Investigators say Tomlin passed out pills to at least 6 of the inmates, trading them for clothing, food and other commissary items. One person, who admitted to taking 5 pills, had slurred speech and was taken to the jail’s clinic. Another inmate was rushed to Naples Community Hospital after several pills she had taken caused her to vomit and pass out. She was treated and returned to the jail.

What is this bad vagina week here at The Hot Glove? Yesterday wasn’t enough?

This whole story comes down to 1 simple question. Are you a risk taker? Like some people in life just need to take risks. They jump out of airplanes, go rock climbing, drink mountain dew, eat doritos,  that kind of shit. And some people like to live a normal life free of all vagina drugs. Unfortunately as hard as I am this story has made it clear that i am in category B along with the other non risk takers.

It’s just one of those things I guess. I have a few rules in life that I never break and taking prescription medication that was once in a felon’s vagina is one of them. Call me prude, but if refusing vagina pills is prude then I don’t want to be slutty.


Who does Sue’s hair in the joint? That perm is turning me on


I have no fucking clue what a perm actually is


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