How Does It Feel To Be A Giants Fan Right Now???

Pretty safe to say that Matt Dodge and every Giants fan in New York is on suicide watch. Blowing a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter and having a punt returned for a td with no time left? Brutal. I almost felt bad, then I remembered I hate New York.


There arent enough tissues in the world for this guy right about now.

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  • See Coughlin talking to Dodge at the end of the game?… See the cold, deadless, hate in his eyes?.. If they were in a prison yard, Tommy would have had no problem trying to drain his blood with a prison shank..

    - Shamalama Ding Dong
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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

    - World Spinner
  • Shama, that was the finest analogy I have heard in a long time

    - kev

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NFL Total Of The Day

God’s child will not let us down.

Broncos @ Raiders Over 41.5

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Its Saturday, Lets Get Weird

I need a horn jumpsuit and I need one now.


Whats with the bassist? Would it kill the guy to smile once and a while? Its called showmanship dude, take a lesson from horn guy, he’s got it coming out of his eyeballs.

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  • You could easily put one of those together. Just get yourself an old mechanics jumpsuit, some horns, use video as a model for horn installation purposes, and BAM! horn jumpsuit. The trickier part will be finding three buddies to back you up wearing lederhosen.

    - Hambone
  • They have a most impressive collection of gnomes!

    - Anonymous

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Time For The Weekend

Make sure you remember to laugh this weekend.

Back for picks and weirdness..

Have a great weekend…

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I Told You Pugs Were Weird

Hey idiot, its a fucking TV, that other pug isn’t really there.

Fucking pugs, not only are they weird but they’re dumb as bricks too.


Videotaping yourself playing video games while your pug freaks out at the TV screen. Pretty sure that’s Rock Bottom.

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  • Definitely the owner….

    - Meatman
  • Good luck ever reading the ticker since Spuds just destroyed the bottom right section of your TV. How about yelling at your dog for destroying the TV? Good job, now go have some kids.

    - AJ

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Sign Of The Apocalypse #47,2370

Yup, I’m pretty sure we’re close to the end here people. We’re staring it in the face.

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  • You going to add this to your art collection Big Cat?

    - Danimal
  • Does a bear shit in the woods?

    - Big Cat
  • chicks a smoke show in that emo mediocre looking kinda way

    - fat bastard

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Russian Guy Jumping Over A Car, This Should Be Fun

When ever I jump over a car going 30 mph I always like to make sure I do it in the best possible environment. You know, snow, ice, slippery footing etc. I find it gives me the best possible chance to smash my face into the windshield and crack my skull.


Quite the week for the Ruskies. Those commie bastards have been dropping straight fire all week. Hats off to them.


Any surprise this guy walked it off? Fucking russians man, guy gets his teeth knocked out by a car and is still good to go drink a Pint of vodka and hit the sauna later that night.

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  • That’s straight up fucking Gangsta, right there… I’m pretty sure his friends are calling him a pussy for staying on all fours for so long and about to bash him a couple times with some shovels for ruining a perfectly good windshield…

    - Shamalama Ding Dong

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The Spy’s Fake Fact Friday

Fact - The voice of shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was done by Uncle Phil.

Spy’s Take - This is actually real, but its so mind blowing that I can’t believe it and I won’t believe it.

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  • He was also the winner of Biggest Loser Season 6. Looking good big guy.

    - Kitty Wu
  • the body of Super Shredder was Big Sexy Kevin Nash.
    true fact.

    - don rickles

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The Hot Glove’s Week 15 Picks

Its the most annoying 2 weeks of the season. Fantasy Football Playoffs. It honestly doesn’t get any worse. Everyone wants to tell you about their matchup, wants advice on who they should start, tells you how they got screwed and how they should of won*. Newsflash dickfuck, no one cares about your fantasy team. Keep that shit to yourself. Or better yet, do what I do, and handle that shit on the field. Get your team properly motivated for their game, watch film on your opponent, get everyone focused. You think my players have motivation problems? Fuck no. Because I’m the best fantasy coach in the world.

*And No, I’m not bitter about this team missing the playoffs, I actually loved this team. They were so bad they ended up being good. Which makes no sense, kind of like drafting 3 Buffalo Bills.


Detroit @ Tampa Bay -5.5 - Drew Stanton, you magnificent quarterback you. Leading your Lions to a whole SEVEN points. Is it too late to get Drew on the Pro Bowl Ballot?

Buffalo +5.5 @ Miami - At what point do you think I need to stop getting ice coffee? Or have I already reached the point of no return? Every time I go to get coffee they look at me like I have a gigantic dick hanging from my forehead. I get it, its cold as balls outside, but who cares, I like iced coffee. So, fuck you starbucks, don’t judge me. I’ll order ice coffees when its -10 degrees because I’m a man and I get to do what I want.

Jacksonville +4.5 @ Indianapolis - I’m so torn. Half of me wants the Colts to miss the playoffs because that would be awesome but the other half thinks no Colts in the playoff means no ill-timed  Peyton Manning interception. You see my dilemma here? It just wouldn’t be January if Peyton wasn’t throwing back breaking picks.

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  • Haha, peyton manning dreaming about peyton manning throwing picks, Love it

    - Anonymous
  • Tom Cable - “Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full”

    - Dirty Dog
  • Hey Big Cat give me your bookies number if you are only laying 4.5 for the Pats. What is this fantasy land? Even if Rodgers plays, the line will land around 7 or 8, with Matt Flynn I think Pats -13.

    - Little Cat

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New ATM In Florida Spits Out Gold Bars

(NEWSER) – An ATM at a posh Florida mall cuts out the paper and goes straight for gold. Slide in credit card or cash and get out a pile of gold bars and coins in a tidy black box, the APreports. The German machine is primarily a novelty item, says its inventor, but could also be handy for investors who don’t want to deal with ordering gold over the internet or at pawn shops. There’s also one at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi.

I need this ATM so bad it fucking hurts. So what if I wouldnt be able to withdraw money without overdrafting out of my asshole. That’s not the point. The point is, when you’re an award winning writer and world renowned art collector anything less than a gold dispensing ATM just won’t do.


Thank god they didn’t try to steal my idea of a caviar vending machine.


Smart planning putting this bad boy in Florida. How quickly before a meth head tries to rob this thing? Or has that already happened?

Thanks to DP for the tip

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  • Opulence he haz it

    - Anonymous
  • Sweet.. All they need to do now is work out the kinks for a VD-free pussy dispenser.. Gotta love this age of technilogy..

    - Shamalama Ding Dong

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