This Video Has It All!!!

WOW! THIS VIDEO HAS EVERYTHING! Song, dance, jaw-dropping action, heartfelt romance, mind blowing special effects, clever and smooth editing… I could praise this film FOREVER. This reallly put’s the B in Bollywood. When they touch down and sprint into the dance montage at 0:59, they make smangin, the bernie, the wheelchair sho’ty…, look like amateur moves! Not just one, but 3 separate classique moves! The knee swing hop back, the chummy elbow into elbow spin, and finally the sultan’s pride! THEN the duo really gives it to those riff-raff hokies with a couple masterful fightin’ moves  (did you notice they sent the wrong character flying upwards?) I live for I’m not gonna lie, this is the finest 5+ minutes of film.

Yea, this video may have initially been posted in 2006 but you know the rule!


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