The Hot Glove’s College Football Picks

After a rough couple of weeks, I’m heading out to the deserts of Arizona to meet up with Curly and find out that one thing he was always promising.  Luckily for you guys, I’m a degenerate gambler, and already know that is the secret to life.  Going with a big card this week:

North Carolina St. +3.5 vs Florida St

Connecticut +6 vs West Virginia

Virginia +15 vs Miami

Indiana +3 vs Northwestern

Iowa -6.5 vs Michigan St.

Washington +7 vs Stanford

Georgia -3 vs Florida

UCF -7 vs East Carolina

Kansas St +6 vs Oklahoma St.

Nebraska -7.5 vs Missouri

Colorado +24 vs Oklahoma

Utah St. +26 vs Nevada

Air Force +7 vs Utah

USC +6.5 vs Oregon

Last Week 4-6

Season 37-21-4


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