Sep 23 2010

College Football Picks

I’m pretty sure if I keep dominating with my picks I can get the girl on the left to be my girlfriend, so I got that going for me me which is nice.  And gambling is legal is Las Vegas, so it looks like it’s a match made in heaven.

Pittsburgh +3.5 vs Miami

Boston College +4 vs Virginia Tech

Arkansas +7 vs Alabama

Notre Dame +4.5 vs Stanford

California +7 vs Arizona

Nevada -4 vs BYU

South Carolina +3 vs Auburn

Last Week 6-2-1

Season 15-4-2

Sep 16 2010

The Hot Glove’s College Football Picks

After going .500 last week, I had a conference with Sinbad and Kathy Ireland who were former All-Americans at Texas State.   The Armadillos might have started out slow, but just as Manumana “The Slender” blew up two-time All-American LB Harlan “Flat-top” Meyers face, The Hot Glove’s picks are gonna knock your bookie out this week.  Boom Boom.

North Carolina St. -2 vs Cincinnati

Georgia-2 vs Arkansas

West Virginia -9.5 vs Maryland

Nevada +3 vs California

Tennessee +14 vs Florida

Texas -3.5 vs Texas Tech

Mississippi St. +8 vs. LSU

Notre Dame +3.5 vs. Michigan St.

Arizona +1.5 vs Iowa

Last Week: 3-3

Season: 9-4-1

Sep 09 2010

College Weekly Picks

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Yawn, just another week at The Hot Glove pick em department.  6-1-1 in the first week of college football is just standard operating procedure over here.  With NFL kicking off tonight too, The Hot Glove will be printing money all weekend long.  Here are this week’s picks:

Mississippi St. +2.5 vs Auburn - Mississippi St. has a passing game now to go along with the best rushing offense in the SEC in last year.

South Carolina -3 vs Georgia - Georgia without their two best offensive players, I’ll stick with the Ole Ball Coach

Vanderbilt +10 vs LSU - LSU could barely beat UNC’s JV team last week.

Notre Dame -4 vs Michigan - Notre Dame will be looking for revenge after last year’s 4th quarter collapse.  Michigan can’t throw the ball and Notre Dame’s front 7 are underrated.

Ohio St. -9 vs Miami - I’m a big believer in the Buckeyes, that is until they travel to Camp Randall

Oklahoma -8 vs Florida St. - So what if Oklahoma only beat Utah St. by 7, this team will make a name for themselves this week.

Last Week 6-1-1

Season 6-1-1

Sep 02 2010

College Football Is Here, Time For Some Picks

Editors Note - Now that football is back we’re running picks columns on Thursday (College) and Friday (NFL). As much as I would love to give you my stellar College picks, I’d rather not see all my friends go broke. So we’re bringing in a college guru, friend of The Hot Glove, Danimal. If he steers you wrong blame him, if he steers you right remember what blog you read it on.

College football kicks off tonight which means all you degenerate gamblers out there (Big Cat) can stop betting on preseason NFL games.  As a former backup free safety for an average high-school football team, I’ve got some inside information you squares out there have never heard of.  I’m pretty much John “The Million Dollar Man” Anthony with my college football plays.  Let’s get to it:

South Carolina -14 vs Southern Mississippi - Always go with the Ole Ball Coach

Pittsburgh +3
vs Utah - Watch out for this Jonathan Baldwin kid.

Illinois +12
vs Missouri - This point spread has been falling faster than Obama’s approval rating.  Boom, TheHotGlove continues to be the most hard hitting political blog on the net.  Plus Mizzou’s starting Running back went all Big Ben on his girlfriend so he’s suspended.

Notre Dame -11.5 vs Purdue - Golden Domer’s are back.  For this week at least.

Michigan -3 vs Connecticut - Plus, Rich Rod openly breaks the rules and doesn’t give a shit, I can respect that.

Kansas St -2.5
vs UCLA - Favorite play of the weekend.  KSU’s running back might be smaller than Snooki, but he has more moves than Ronnie after housing a pitcher full of Ron Ron Juice.

LSU -1.5 vs UNC - Half off UNC’s starting defense is on the practice squad for following in Reggie Bus’s footsteps and LSU has a kid Russell Sheppard that makes Joshua Cribbs look slow.

Virgina Tech +2.5 vs Boise St. - No way the Bronco defense can handle Va Tech’s running backs


Yeah I know this is way too many games to play the first weekend, but I need to raise money fast so I can import a couple of drunk South African monkeys to hang out with.  Just picture your boy Danimal walking into the bars with Mr. Teeny and Dr. Zaius.  Not gonna serve me another shot of rumplemintz, how about Mr. Teeny gouges out your eyes.  Won’t let me in cause I’m too drunk, Dr. Zaius will throw feces all over you until you wise up.  Plus these bets will knock your bookie out.

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