The Hot Glove’s College Football Picks

After a rough couple of weeks, I’m heading out to the deserts of Arizona to meet up with Curly and find out that one thing he was always promising.  Luckily for you guys, I’m a degenerate gambler, and already know that is the secret to life.  Going with a big card this week:

North Carolina St. +3.5 vs Florida St

Connecticut +6 vs West Virginia

Virginia +15 vs Miami

Indiana +3 vs Northwestern

Iowa -6.5 vs Michigan St.

Washington +7 vs Stanford

Georgia -3 vs Florida

UCF -7 vs East Carolina

Kansas St +6 vs Oklahoma St.

Nebraska -7.5 vs Missouri

Colorado +24 vs Oklahoma

Utah St. +26 vs Nevada

Air Force +7 vs Utah

USC +6.5 vs Oregon

Last Week 4-6

Season 37-21-4

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The Hot Glove’s Weekly Big Ten Preview




  • Wisconsin?  Back-to-back wins over top 15 teams are making believers out of a lot of people.
  • Iowa?  Well, as a Badger, I’m just happy it was someone else’s special teams costing them a game.
  • Ohio State?  Sorry, Purdue.
  • Michigan State?  Could they be any more similar to Iowa last year?
  • Northwestern?  You’re really annoying, do you know that?  Seriously.




.We stay in Iowa City for the MCGotW, as undefeated Sparty comes to town looking to continue their magical run towards an unexpected Big Ten Championship.  And as I just said, this MSU team reminds me A TON of 2009 Iowa.  The fake field goal against ND, the comeback with the bobble-catch TD in Evanston… how long can the magic last?  And did you know their trip to Chicago last week was their first game outside the state of Michigan this season?  Yeah, they beat a damn good Wisconsin team - but at home.  Taking down a pissed off Iowa squad in Iowa’s house will NOT be easy.

Wisconsin’s offensive line kept Clayborn in check, but I have a feeling he’s gonna have a huge game for the Hawkeyes.  And that will be vital: Iowa needs to get pressure on Cousins.  If there’s one thing I know, you give a solid-to-good QB enough time, and he’ll pick you apart.  I’d expect MSU to come out running the ball, trying to set up the pass and keeping the D honest in the process.  I mean, it’s not like they’re a poor running team - they’re great.  And they’ll definitely put some points up, but I don’t think they crack 30 like UW did.  In fact, I don’t think Iowa cracks 30 either.   This should be a hotly contested match up between 2 teams with title aspirations - Big 10 for Iowa, National for MSU.

Oh yeah, go Hawkeyes.

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  • Awesome. Had me laughing the entire time.

    - Nate
  • Steve the irish guy is an all time classic. Its his island

    - KD

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Wait, Californians Smoke Weed? Who Knew?

Hey reporter, way to totally narc out these hippies trying to roast a bone before the Giants game. Seriously, we get it, people in San Francisco smoke weed. That’s not news. That’s like saying people in New York like to be assholes, or people in Chicago are insanely attractive and know how to party, or people in Florida like to be pedophiles. All these things are facts, not news. Fact -  San Francisco does two things, baseball and weed.

So stop being a square and acting all shocked. We know you went over and asked for a hit of the j as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. Probably didnt work though because even though you clearly are a sports reporter I’m pretty sure youre a cop too.


It just dawned on me how this world series has the most polar opposite fan bases. It would be like if America played Cambodia in the Super Bowl. Pretty sure Dallas and San Fran don’t even speak the same language.

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  • People in florida dont like being pedophiles, they have no choice but to be pedophiles. And I agree with Dexter, Tim needs to let his hair down and smoke a doob.

    - kev

    - Dexter Rutecki
  • Fish out of water when you go to a place like San Fran

    - Dirty Dog
  • What a loser

    - Anonymous

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In News Thats Not Really News, John Daly Played Better When He Was Drunk

(Source) Signing copies of his book, “My Life In And Out Of The Rough,” with a silver pen, Daly was asked what he’s learned about himself through the years.

“That I was happy when I was a miserable drunk. I played better when I was drunk,” he said. Daly paused, smiled half a smile and gently shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Sometimes you point your finger at yourself. You can only point your finger at yourself so many times. You look back at yourself and write the pros and cons of your life and the pros outweigh the cons.

“I look at myself and I’m not that bad a guy. I always thought I was the reason the divorces came. I look back and it takes two to do that. It wasn’t all my fault. I played a part in it but I can’t keep blaming myself for everything.”

Thanks, really hitting us with breaking news here. Honestly, this is by far the least surprising thing I have ever heard. Everyone knows John Daly plays better when he’s drunk. Fuck, if you feed John Daly enough Cuervo and Marlboro Reds the guy will cure cancer.

You know that episode in Family Guy where Peter plays piano better when he’s drunk. Who the fuck do you think that was based on?

Or how about the Jackie Chan movies Drunken Master 1 and Drunken Master 2. Fact, John Daly was the executive producer on both films.

Does a bear shit in the woods? Does John Daly dominate golf tournaments when he is blacked out drunk? I think we all know the answer to both those questions.


Good to see John finally realizing that he is not to blame for his 4 failed marriages. I mean clearly there is a constant variable in those marriages and it has nothing to do with John Daly, I can assure you that.

Thanks to Rochey for the tip

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  • From his wikipedia page

    Daly once claimed that he drank a fifth of Jack Daniel’s every day during the year he was 23 years of age

    - kev
  • Big JD needs to get back on tour

    - Anonymous

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I Can’t Believe Basketball Is Already Back

Well, it certainly came faster than ever but NBA is back in action tonight and you know what that means, let the year of Lebron hate begin. Oh Lebron thinks everyone is being mean to him? waaaaa. What a fucking baby. You made your bed Lebron, now lie in it while everyone screams and yells at you and calls you names. That’s the way the world works, act like a dick people will treat you like a dick. No one is buying this “you shouldn’t blame me for being me” bullshit. You’re an egotistical asshole and you’re just now waking up to that reality.

Dwayne Wade @ Celtics +2

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  • Lebron’s amazing and all the little bitches who are crying that he left should get over it. Btw all of you who call him names are just sad he left, so you’re basically all a bunch of pussies.

    - get a life people
  • What should LeBron do? I suggest fuck off and die.

    - Kitty Wu
  • Haha, well played schwa. Two pump chump master

    - Anonymous
  • “Well, it certainly came faster than ever”

    Rick Pitino begs to differ.

    - Schwa

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Giants @ Cowboys, Monday Night Football, Time For A Pick

Good one on tap tonight. Cowboys need a win but unfortunately for them they kind of suck. I think the Giants pash rush gets after Romo and you know what that means….

I like the Giants +3.5


Did you guys know Jerry Jones installed a big TV Screen in the new Dallas stadium. I had never heard.

This Week 7-7

Season 43-57-4

Totals - 8-4

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This Hockey Fan Knows How To Party

Well I guess we just found out what the first official Hot Glove T-Shirt will be.

Nothing says classy quite like an “I Shaved My Balls For This?” T-Shirt.

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  • I would definitely buy that shirt

    - KD

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That’s It, I’ve Seen Enough — Redskins 17, Bears 14

Another Sunday, another dreadful performance by a Chicago team that has to make you wonder how they ever won four games in the first place.  The Bears fell to the Redskins 17-14 yesterday in a game that provided a new definition for the word “ineptitude”.  Our “offense” started the game with six straight punts…and it only got worse from there.  Sure, there was that nice seven play, 70 yard touchdown drive right before halftime but that whole blind squirrel principle applies in this instance.  The Bears took the momentum into halftime and shit their pants.  Here is what the Bears with the football in the second half (prepare yourself…no, seriously, get ready…and now): fumble, interception, interception-for-TD, fumble, punt, interception.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Two weeks ago the Bears were 4-1 and looked like they had a real shot of reaching 6-1 before their bye week.  Now, fuck, who knows where this thing goes after a week off.

  • I’m really, really tired of the uninterested, throw the ball all over the fucking place Jay Cutler.  When he’s on, he can be elite but after watching him for the last year and half, it’s clear to me that he is a front-runner.  Even worse, he has shown absolutely no ability to rebound from a bad play or a mistake.  One bad Cutler interception spirals into three, four or five.  Great quarterbacks have the mental make-up to lead a game-winning drive no matter how poorly they have played and that is a skill Cutler does not have.  His last interception against the Redskins (DeAngelo Hall’s fourth) was a give-up throw.  Unacceptable.

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  • The best part is that Bears fans are almost surprised… like they actually bought into the Bears and thought they were a good team.

    This team is a pile of garbage.

    - Schwa
  • Beyond pathetic, this team stinks

    - Anonymous

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NFL Total Of The Week

Do you really think this mouthbreather can coach a competent defense? No way.

Jaguars @ Chiefs Over 37.5

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Not Today Bro….

Bye Iowa, Thanks for playing.

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