May 30 2010

Big Fucking Deal


Someone throws one of these every couple of weeks. Get your own thing halladay, copy cat.

May 28 2010

Time For The Weekend…

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The Official start of summer, time to get drunk and enjoy the best 3 months of the year. Back for picks throughout the weekend…

Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

Magic vs Celtics -3.5

Magic vs Celtics Under 187

May 28 2010

Business Idea Friday-I’m Not At Work So Watch This Video Instead

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If youre still at work at 330 on the Friday before Memorial Day you need to find a new job.

I sure as shit am not, so my main man Eric Leebow is going to once again explain how Freezecrowd is the most revolutionary idea ever. I mean think about, passing out business cards on the beach, GENIUS!

May 28 2010

Rest In Peace Little Man

Wow, May really ended with a bang. First Jose Lima now Gary Coleman. New celebrity death standings come out on Tuesday but I have a sneaking suspicion GC will be the leader in the clubhouse. Rest in peace Arnold. What you talking bout God???

May 28 2010

Pic Of The Day - Round 2

They call this the  ”its the friday before memorial day weekend and I’m not at work and you shouldn’t be either Pic of the Day Number 2″. Also, this guy’s hair is too fucking awesome to not be seen.


May 28 2010

Remind Me To Never Steal A Purse In Asia

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Holy shit, do people just walk around with weapons in Asia? Like how did it go from a purse snatching to a 100 person army in like 2 seconds. Guys must be just cruising the streets with weapons looking to start a rumble. Thats the only answer, because this doesnt just happen. This was like the Royal Rumble for the first 5 minutes when there is just so much action that you have no idea what to focus on, chairs, belts, bats, I think I even saw Big Bossman in there with his nightstick. In the words of Ron Burgundy that escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand fast.


MVP clearly goes to the guy at the 57 mark, just screeching in out of nowhere with a chair slam. That was the most impressive athletic move i have seen since Bo Jackson ran over the Boz, and that happened like a thousand years ago.

May 28 2010

The Spy’s Fake Fact for Friday

Two women in Bumesville, Indiana were arrested last week for attacking each other after one of the women allegedly stole the wig off the other woman, brought it up to the cashier at Kim&Jim’s and attempted to purchase it.  The clerk quoted a price of $5 but the transaction was interrupted before it could be completed.

The Spy’s Take:  It was insane…$5?!

May 28 2010

Pic Of The Day

I Won’t Argue With You Bro

May 28 2010

Chick Left Sleeping On Plane For 3 Hours

Traveler Left Sleeping on Plane for Three Hours After Landing


(NewsCore) - Airline staff amazingly failed to spot a snoozing passenger for more than three hours after a flight touched down at Philadelphia International Airport, KYW reported Wednesday.

Ginger McGuire was fast asleep as her red-eye United Airways Express flight from Washington D.C. came in to land in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

But while her fellow passengers left the plane, staff reportedly failed to notice McGuire still sleeping in her seat after it landed at 12.27am local time. She was finally roused by a cleaner at 3.50am as the aircraft sat on the tarmac.

“I can’t believe on a 50-passenger plane that nobody would wake someone up like that,” said Trevor Hirz, a fellow traveler.

A spokesperson for United Airlines told KYW: “We are working closely with our partner Trans States to investigate the cause and remedy the situation with the customer.”

Trans States Airlines, which operates United Express flights, said it was standard protocol to make sure all passengers were safely off the plane at the end of every flight.

The gaffe remained under investigation Wednesday.

I can totally believe that no one woke this chick up. There is a simple rule I live by, never wake anyone up no matter what the circumstance, ever. House burning down, car on fire, gunshots, I won’t wake a soul. A burning house is about ½ as deadly as waking someone up. I know because when people wake me up the first 10 seconds that I am awake are always filled with incoherent thoughts of murder.

Like you get me up mid-sleep and I’m looking for blood. Just throwing punches and kicks to anything that is close to me, I just can’t stand being waken up by other people. Back in the day my family used to draw straws to see who had to wake me up and the loser would always come in with like a ten foot pool to nudge me from maximum distance that’s how fucking dangerous I am. So knowing this, do you think I would ever risk my life trying to wake another person, no fucking thanks.


Trevor Hirz can go eat a dick. Way to sell out your fellow passengers. Guy thinks he is better than us, probably was sitting first class and jumped off the plane the minute it landed. Hey asshole, we aren’t all rich pricks that can get free drinks and hot towels only to then be the first off the plane. Chill out John Rockefeller, these people were just trying not to die.


Nothing makes me happier when a big plane opens that middle door instead of the front one and all the rich fucks have to wait in line like the rest of us sheep. Just watching them bitch and moan while us peasants get off first makes me believe there is a god out there.

May 27 2010

This Guy Knows How To Start A Fire And Some Picks

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I don’t know why but I was laughing my balls off watching this guy run around with fire spewing everywhere. Like you could just tell he had totally run out of options and was just trying to survive but in doing so was lighting the whole lawn on fire. Like a dog chasing his tail, except the tail was death in the form of a fireball. Awesome.


Suns +7.5 vs Lakers

Suns vs Lakers Over 217.5

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