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Aug 13 2010

Is There Anyway The Stanley Cup Survives Today?

This is a legit question. Do people realize what is going on today? Its Friday the 13th and the Stanley Cup is in Buffalo, capital of the cat marinating world, with Patrick Kane.

The Cup is going to get so much pussy today I can’t even fathom it. I’m legitimately jealous of an inanimate trophy. How sad is that? That piece of metal is going to get so shitfaced today. Probably going to party more in one day than I did in all of college.

Sucks to be beat in life, but when you’re beat you’re beat and I just got my ass kicked by a fucking trophy.

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Aug 02 2010

Blackhawks Sign Marty Turco, Let Niemi Walk

CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks have signed veteran goaltender Marty Turco to a one-year deal, parting ways with Stanley Cup-winning goalie Antti Niemi.

Niemi was awarded a $2.75 million judgment from an arbitrator on Saturday, and the Blackhawks had 48 hours to accept the judgment, trade him or let him become an unrestricted free agent. He now is an unrestricted free agent.

“We made several contract offers, including a multi-year offer, and we were never able to work it out,” Hawks general manager Stan Bowman said. “We decided to go in another direction.

“We’re very excited that we agreed to a one-year contract with three-time All-Star Marty Turco. Marty has an accomplished record in the league, and he’s going to complement our team. I know he’s hungry for a Stanley Cup, and we’re hungry to defend the Stanley Cup.”

Turco gets $1.3 million, sources told’s Scott Burnside on Monday.

They always say the hardest thing in sports is to repeat. Looks like the Blackhawks will have to do it without their starting goalie from last year. Going to be a lot of different faces by the time the puck drops on the 2010-11 season that’s for sure.

Jun 24 2010

What Did The Blackhawks Just Do?

The Chicago Blackhawks made a blockbuster trade with the Thrashers on Wednesday, the Stanley Cup champions moving Dustin Byfuglien, Ben Eager, Brent Sopel and a prospect to Atlanta for a first-round pick, a second-round pick, forwards Marty Reasoner and Joey Crabb and prospect Jeremy Morin.

The first- and second-round picks that Chicago gets in the deal were acquired by Atlanta in the trade that sent Ilya Kovalchuk to New Jersey last February.

The prospect Atlanta is getting from Chicago is Akim Aliu.

Well that was fast huh? I mean I don’t think I have ever seen a championship team make a trade less than 2 weeks after winning the Cup. Not to mention trading one of the key pieces and a bonafide fan favorite (Dustin Byfuglien). Definitely a shot of reality that the team and fans may still be celebrating the first cup in 49 years but the front office has already moved on.

This is the new conondrum for such a deep Blackhawks team. How do you keep the top tier talent while shuffling in cheaper and younger role players? No one will argue this move wasn’t 100% cap related, with Kane, Toews, and Duncan Keith all getting contract extensions. It was an absolute necessity for the Hawks to shed dollars, which still doesn’t make it any easier on fans.

At the end of the day in professional sports its always about the money, always. Don’t ever fool yourself thinking that player X wants to stay for a hometown discount or management views Player Y as un-tradeable because he is such a beloved hero. Hockey is still a business and the fans should ultimately be happy that their front office treats it as such. You would rather have management that has a long term plan of keeping the core intact than a front office who tries to please the fans and over-extend their salary on too many high price players.

My only question is, how much crazier do you think Big Buff gets during his day with the cup? He’s gotta know he won’t be seeing that thing for a while down in Atlanta.

Jun 10 2010

Hawks Bring Cup to Chicago!

Wow!  What an amazing game, an amazing season, and an amazing party!  I’ve never experienced a party quite like the one in the aftermath of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup title.  There were people in the streets everywhere screaming, chanting, and shouting in jubilation.  I was in a bar watching the game and as soon as the game was over I made my way over to Wrigleyville to celebrate with the thousands of Hawks fans who poured onto Clark Street.  At that moment there were no rules.  My buddy had a backpack full of beers and we were having an unbelievable time.  I remember thinking about how many people would call in sick to work the next day or show up late.  Of the three people that live in my apartment, and I won’t say who, but two were a bit late to work and one pulled the old “call in sick” move.  I’m having trouble writing this blog because my mind is still fuzzy, but it was totally worth it.

As for the game itself, it was an emotional rollercoaster for Hawk fans that culminated in the unlikely and lucky goal by Patrick Kane in overtime.  Despite the lucky game winner, I think this game was the perfect example of why the Hawks were much more skilled and talented than any of the teams they faced in the playoffs.  When I look back on the playoffs, it was the teams that were physical with the Blackhawks that had the most success.  No team in the league can skate with the Blackhawks.

Last night’s game started with a very high energy but even 1st period.  I thought the Hawks got severely outplayed in the 2nd period because the Flyers came out more physical.  The Hawks could not seem to get a rhythm in the 2nd and were lucky to be on top by a goal going into the 2nd intermission.  It wasn’t until the 3rd that we saw the Hawks really take over the game.  Down a goal, the Flyers could not afford to take a penalty with the game on the line.  Thus, they couldn’t continue the physical play they started in the 2nd.  The Hawks simply skated around them, pelting Michael Leighton with shots.  Unfortunately, the Flyers were able to sneak in the equalizer.

We all saw what happened and it is tough for me to be the least bit witty in this blog because it was such an amazing night and an amazing experience to be in the city after the win.  When I do make it out of my post game blur I’m sure I will sense the buzz around town even with both baseball teams sucking horribly.  The parade is tomorrow morning and I wonder how many people will call in sick again.  No one from this house of course.

Jun 10 2010

Spy’s Fact Of The Day

The Spy Got Too Drunk Last Night After The BlackHawks Victory And Forgot To Post A Fact Of The Day.

Big Cat’s Take - You didn’t just let me down, you let the whole internet down.

Jun 10 2010

Somehow This City Is Still Standing

That was like WWIII in wrigleyville last night. Streets being mobbed, fireworks going off. Party of the century type of material.

The Hawks Players are still going strong at the Pony bar in lakeview right this second. They’ll probably be partying for the next month straight. Could you think of anything cooler than winning a championship as a pro, someday I’ll get there….

In the words of Jeremy Roenick, it’s the Chicago Blackhawks man. Now can someone please get JR a kleenex.

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Jun 09 2010

Kiss That Cup

This city is lighting one off right now. Hawks were the best team in the league all year round and deserved it, well done boys. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do during my day with the Cup. Pretty sure all Chicago bloggers get a day with it as well, that’s gotta be a rule somewhere.

Jun 09 2010

Time For The Blackhawks To Close It Out

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Will Lord Stanley’s be coming back to Chicago without the Flyers or will there be a game 7 on Friday night. I maintain that if you have watched this series there is a clear talent disparity between these two teams. If the Hawks can play their game and stay out of the penalty box they’ll be kissing the cup on the ice in Philly and this city will be drunker than ever.


Blackhawks -115

Over 5.5 goals

Jun 09 2010

Chris Pronger Is Not Happy With His New Outfit

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Geez Chrissy, sounds to me like you do read what the media puts out there. How else do you explain acting like a complete baby when asked a simple question. Not to mention making fun of a guy’s hair. Low blow bro. Pretty sure no hockey player can make fun of another man’s hair, you guys all haven’t gotten a haircut in like two decades.

Whatever, talk to us when you stop putting up minus 5’s in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Everyone knows there is only one way to deal with being called  a girl by the national media. You flip a fucking table over.

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Jun 08 2010

Check Out This Bandwagon Blackhawks Video

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So I heard this song on Waddle and Silvy last week and then yesterday reader Rusty sent along the clip. I have to give it to these guys, pretty funny shit and spot on.

And don’t anyone go and get upset saying the Blackhawks don’t have bandwagon fans. I never understood why people got mad about shit like that. News Flash, every single team that has ever had even the slightest bit of success has attracted bandwagon fans. Some people just don’t care about sports unless their team is winning. Who gives a shit, your fandom is not jeopardized by a bunch of bandwagoners. In my mind its just more people to party with.

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