You Know You’re Cool When….

You get dressed up in your nicest jorts, bring your finest air guitar, oil up your tits, and rock the shit out of that REO speedwagon concert. Until you do that, well then you’re an enormous loser.

Thanks to borgs for the tip

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Introducing The Greatest Movie Ever Created

I’m without words right now. MegaShark, Crocosauras and Steve Urkel, it literally can not get any better than that. This HAS to be the greatest movie of all time. Fuck the Godfather, fuck Gone with the wind, Fuck The Rock. Megashark vs Crocosauras blows all of those movies dicks off and its not even close.

And don’t start telling me that SyFy’s other movies are better. I wont fucking have it. I’ve seen Bone Eater, Ive Seen DinoCroc vs Supergator, fuck I’ve even seen Sharktopus (thought it was ok but a little unrealistic), none of those movies can hold a candle to Megashark vs Crocosauras starring Jaleel White.


How pissed do you think James Cameron is right now? Guy blows billions of dollars on some nerdy movie about blue aliens and along comes Steve Urkel just kicking him in the teeth. Hey Jimmy, you try creating a computer generated anatomically correct Megashark and then maybe I’ll be impressed, idiot.


I love the guy at :32 when that lady says “Who’s talking about a crocodile?” He just gives her this death stare like “I’m talking about a CROCASAURAS you fucking dummy”. Now that’s acting.

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  • i hope roche takes a moment from gettin weird at purdue fans to read this post

    - the gypsy
  • pretty sure I’ve seen this on sci-fi channel. If not it was some other epic battle of mythic creatures.

    oh yah, 10/10 rating.

    - willkav
  • I stopped reading when you said ‘Fuck The Rock’. You go to Hell.

    - Schwa
  • Sometimes I wonder if you’re retarded

    - KD

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Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move, The “Holding Hands With Your Friends And Shooting Guns Dance”

I’m not going to lie I have zero idea what is going on in this video. Like it wasn’t enough that 4 dudes are just dancing in some random place stealing the brides thunder with their little gig but then that guy at 1:20 starts shooting off a gun? Wow. I’m impressed. I never even thought about bringing guns into the dancing game. Revolutionary.


I’d be shocked if this dance move doesnt sweep the nation by the end of this holiday season. It will be like the new wheelchair shawty, except with hand holding and guns.

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  • HAHAHAHA. this is a good one. the guy in the jean needs some more practice, though.

    - JR
  • 14 shots, damn that thing is a beast

    - fat bastard
  • I like the old lady at :28 thinking to herself, “I’m getting the fuck outta here.. I know what’s coming up next… Fuckers almost shot me last time this song was flowing..”

    - Shamalama Ding-Dong

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Russian Comic Books Look Badass

pic15 201x300 Russian Comic Books Look Badass

pic21 205x300 Russian Comic Books Look Badass

pic31 201x300 Russian Comic Books Look Badass


I guess this is what you get when you have no copyright laws or laws in general. Just badass comic books with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kicking it with the Predator and Batman. How awesome is that? Kind of makes me jealous of Russia for a second, then I remembered who runs the world and realize that a couple of sweet comic books isnt exactly a good consolation prize.

There is no doubt in my mind that Putin was behind these. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the movie Predator was based on Putin’s life. It was just the time Vlad took a vacation to South America and happened to kill a super intelligent/violent alien from the future.


Is Batman serious? What the fuck bro. You can’t be boning April in front of the turtles. Ever heard of guy code? Michelangelo is literally right there. Dude is about to cry like a little baby because you’re trying to lay wood in front of his face. Have some respect for once.

pic41 201x300 Russian Comic Books Look Badass

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Introducing The Greatest Sandwich Ever - The MC1035

mc1035 300x225 Introducing The Greatest Sandwich Ever   The MC1035

(Source) I heard about this from a cashier at one of the local McDonald’s. He said it’s getting kind of a cult following in San Francisco.

1. Go to McD’s right when they are transitioning from breakfast to lunch.

2. Order one of the remaining Egg McMuffins from the breakfast menu and also order a McDouble since the lunch menu is now open.

3. Take the egg and Canadian bacon from the Egg McMuffin and put it on the McDouble.

The guy at the register said people call it a Mc10:35 because that’s pretty much the only time you can pull this off.

Well I’ll just pencil myself in for a “meeting” between 1030 and 1040 every day until eternity, and by eternity I mean 10 months because thats about how long it will take for my heart to explode.


No way someone in San Fran came up with this. I thought they outlawed McDonalds there. Fucking hippies, wouldn’t touch a hamburger if Tim Lincecum’s life depended on it.

Thanks to Dexter Rutecki for the tip

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  • That thing looks fucking awesome

    - Davey

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Dominos Created The Breakfast Pizza, America Is About To Get A Whole Lot Fatter

dominos breakfast pizza 300x225 Dominos Created The Breakfast Pizza, America Is About To Get A Whole Lot Fatter

When most college students roll out of bed, it’s not until later in the mornings or, if they’re lucky, the afternoon.  Then, they grab a slice of leftover pizza or whatever’s handy, chow down, and run to class.  However, if you’re an early riser near the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio, you have a breakfast option no one else in the United States has.  The local Domino’s franchise is the first in the United States to offer a trial run of breakfast pizza.

The pizza base is cheese and bread, like most pizzas, but the Domino’s breakfast pizza also features eggs.  Once you add toppings, like sausage, bacon, onions, and green peppers, the result is a hearty, carb-loaded breakfast fit for a king.  The goal is to improve pizza purchases between 6 AM and 9 AM at the Dayton-area Domino’s Pizza, which is the only franchise in the United States open for 24 hours a day.

Cut the shit Domino’s, this isn’t a “trial” run. Breakfast pizza is here to stay. Its just too good of an idea not to catch on. I know for a fact that 99% of America wished they could order Dominos for breakfast every single morning. So don’t tell me were just “testing” out breakfast pizza. Don’t be humble Domino’s, you just knocked it out of the park, breakfast pizza is a top 3 invention, everyone knows it.


Do you think Papa John is sitting in his mansion crying like a little baby right now. He’s probably so upset he can’t even bring himself to go out in the street and throw some sweet spirals to the teenagers on the block.

Domino’s just kicked your teeth in Papa John,  time for you to man up and answer.

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  • Dominos Created The Breakfast Pizza, America Is About To Get A ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)

    - World Wide News Flash
  • Dominos Created The Breakfast Pizza, America Is About To Get A ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

    - World Spinner
  • Hi, my name is Brad and I work with Domino’s. I just wanted to clarify that this is not part of a test of breakfast pizza, and there is no plan to roll this out nationally based on the Dayton store.It’s a pretty awesome initiative though!

    - Brad
  • That thing looks delicious

    - Dirty Dog

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Spain Just Got Some Major Points In My Book

MADRID — Lawmakers who banned bullfighting in Spain’s Catalonia region this summer voted Wednesday to endorse other traditions that have been criticized as cruel to bulls, such as attaching burning sticks to their horns as they chase human thrill seekers.

The vote will only affect the Catalonia region of northeast Spain, but it addresses another manifestation of this country’s timeless fascination with bulls and the testing of people’s bravery with the snorting animals.

Well this is just about the most badass thing you can do right here. Flaming Bulls? Yes please. Good work Spain. Now if only those Cheese eating, wine drinking,  poopy pants Frenchmen to the north could take a hint and do something this cool maybe this world would be a better place.

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  • Yeah but the bulls are half dead when they do this, get a real bull one on one and I dont like the peoples chances

    - Dirty Dog
  • That is so badass

    - Kev

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Well It Looks Like I Found My Tattoo

How can I not get this on my back? Its my destiny. I don’t care if it costs thousands of dollars, there are needs and wants in life and this right here is a need.

Only thing I will change is instead of “Loyalty” and “Freedom” it will say “Nic Cage” and “I Hate Florida”.

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Check Out This Minnesota State Fair Skullet

So this picture was taken at the Minnesota State Fair and I’m not going to lie I think this Skullet just redeemed the entire state of Minnesota, straight up. I take back all the mean things I’ve said, the DUI jokes, the fat jokes, jokes about BrettFavre, all of it. If this guy is a Minnesotan then I’m jealous of the entire state, because you just don’t see skullets like this everday of the week. This guy could play for me anyday.


Are we sure this isn’t Jesse Ventura?


I was joking about the DUI thing.  You guys are still a bunch of drunk idiots.

Thanks to seth for the tip

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  • good for you guys, something to be proud of… if i was a sox fan that might hurt my feelings.

    - Big Daddy
  • Its true, everyone in Minny has one, but that’s what makes us special. That and the twins kicking the white sox ass every year

    - jimmy
  • what’s the DUI thing, doesnt everyone from MN have a DUI at some point or another?

    - Big Daddy

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I Don’t Want This Andrei Kirilenko Painting, I NEED This Andrei Kirilenko Painting

I’m not even a Jazz fan or a fan of Russian people in general but I need this painting so fucking bad. I mean you can’t build a world renowned art collection if you’re not willing to take a few risks. And when Andrei Kirilenko is saying come hither with an eagle on his shoulder and a bear riding his dick, well thats the type of risk worth taking.

So, so long $5,000, hello Andrei Kirilenko war/bear painting and ramen noodle dinners for the next 6 months. If that’s the price you have to pay for true beauty then so be it.

Thanks to borgs for the tip

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