The I’m Desperate For A Win And D-Rose Will Save My Soul Lock Of A Lifetime

There it is. I was about to press it. I’m like 0-2382 in my last two thousand bets. I’m losing every way possible too. Blowouts, buzzer beaters, phantom fouls. You name it, I’ve seen it. So what do I do to get myself out of this fun? Put my trust in D-Rose. Makes sense to me. There is no way the Bulls are losing tonight. It just can’t happen and it won’t happen.

Spurs @ Bulls -1.5

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  • Reverse jinx, just for you.

    - Schwa
  • Hey Schwa, how’d that work out for you? Taste It.

    - Big Cat
  • Just put my last paycheck on Spurs +1.5, thanks Big Cat.

    - Schwa

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Comeback Tuesday Big Ten Special Lock Of The Millenium

LOVE this spot for the Buckeyes tonight. They just got their dick’s kicked in by the Badgers and realized they’re the 2nd best team in the Big Ten. They need to win and win big. Not to mention Michigan State is Terrible this year. Just god awful. This is basically going to be the easiest bet I have ever posted on The Hot Glove.  Buckeyes are going to win by 20, guaranteed.

MSU @ OSU -12

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  • Another winner! Great Job!

    - Fien
  • That game was fixed from the word go. Anyone who saw that ending knows I won.

    - Big Cat
  • I’m very close to quitting my job to start betting on the opposite pick you make for any sport or any game.

    - Coach

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Saturday Special Homecourt Never Loses Lock Of The Day

The Badgers are a pick em? What the fuck? Is Vegas out of their mind? The Badgers never ever lose at the Kohl Center. NEVER. Not to mention we’re better than Ohio State at everything, that’s just a fact. So what am I missing here? This literally is free money. Lock it up.

Ohio State @ Wisconsin Pick Em

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  • I’m man enough to admit I was wrong. History had taught me that THG picking your team was the ultimate kiss of death, but such was not the case on Saturday. My apologies Big Cat.

    - Lampi
  • [...] Saturday Special Homecourt Never Loses Lock Of The Day | The Hot Glove By Big Cat | February 12th, images1 Saturday Special Homecourt Never Loses Lock Of The Day. The Badgers are a pick em? What the fuck? Is Vegas out of their mind? The Badgers never ever lose at the Kohl Center. NEVER. [...]

    - Cat On A Hot
  • Lampi, why? Because I pick guaranteed winners, guaranteed

    - Big Cat
  • Really? I am so pissed at THG right now.

    - Lampi
  • Dear Cat,
    Speaking of shitballs, I just clogged my toilet and the plunger isn’t helping. Now what?

    - AJ Geiseker

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“Lakers vs Celtics Special Rivalry Double Lock” Lock

How fucking good am I? Georgetown +4.5? Oh how about an outright winner, how does that work for you?  As soon as people realize when I actually guarantee a winner like I did last night that they ALWAYS win they’ll be making assloads of free money. And guess what, tonight I’m going with 2 guaranteed winners because I’m that confident. Lock it up.

Lakers @ Celtics -2.5

Lakers @ Celtics Over 187.5

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  • so were those the guaranteed locks or the GUARANTEED locks? Idiot

    - KD

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A Super Special College Basketball Lock Of The Day

I hate College basketball. Its boring, the players are unathletic, teams are always mismatched and the 35 second shot clock is absolutely brutal. So with that said it is extremely rare for my Guaranteed Lead Pipe Locks to cross paths with a College Basketball Game. Well tonight is one of those special nights because I can’t for the life of me figure out how Georgetown is getting 4.5 at the Carrier Dome. This is going to be a slugfest. One of those classic Big East games that comes down to the last possession. No way they don’t cover, just no way.  Lock it up.

Georgetown +4.5 @ Syracuse

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  • There were many locks to be had last night. That UNC game was a slam dunk. Hopped all over that one. Glad the family did well on weekday night betting for once. College is definitely the way to go.

    - little cat
  • I should stick to college, that was easy

    - Big Cat

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Tuesday Night Lock Of The Century

I told myself I would take a post Super Bowl breather on the locks. Too many locks and people get greedy. Well breather over.

I guarantee this one. It honestly might be the most slam dunk lock I have ever posted thats how confident I feel in it. Theres just no way this game doesn’t go over. No way in hell.

Memphis @ OKC Over 206

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  • kissing my sister

    - Big Cat
  • Angel on the OT freethrow line to push that bad boy.

    - G
  • 102-99 with 28 seconds left… wow.

    - G
  • If I lose this in OT im going to flip my shit

    - Big Cat
  • sweating it out in over time, huh? Looks good but no one wants to make a shot!

    - Anonymous

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Super Bowl Sunday - Lock Of The Century

Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite day of the year. The one day we’re everyone in the world (America exclusively being my idea of the world) makes drinking, eating obscene amounts of food, gambling and watching football socially acceptable. And you know what makes the day so much better. A guaranteed lock. So here you go. I personally am guaranteeing these three locks. And as the old saying goes, its not gambling if you already know whats going to happen.*

Heads/Tails - Tails

Packers -2.5 vs Steelers

Packers vs Steelers Over 44

*I just made that up

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  • 2 outta 3 aint bad

    - meatloaf

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Am I Cursed?

I’m cursed right? That has to be it. Did people not see what happened last night? 90-70 with 5:30 left. I’m thinking cruise control. WRONG. 44 points in 5 1/2 minutes. FORTY FOUR! I’ve never seen anything like it. If they played the whole game at that pace the final score would be 190-189. What the fuck? Like I said last night, its like I’m living in bizarro seinfeld and last night was the equivalent of Feldman giving me a swirly while Gene punched me in the dick. Brutal.

Yeah yeah  I know no one likes to hear gambling and fantasy stories but guess what, this story is interesting, because it happened to me.


Insult to injury? The fucking Geico guy just kicking it with Lebron sitting courtside. Starting house fires in Iowa, sitting court side in Orlando, guy is literally everywhere.

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  • At least this way you can catch a green light or two.

    - El Capiflán
  • I was watching, and laughing, the entire time

    - JB
  • Unreal

    - DP

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The “I’m Statistically Due To Win A Lock” Lock Of The Night

Do you see me crying? Do you see me pouting? So what if I’m 0-2,399 in my last million picks. Winners keep winning and losers quit. So this is my “Im statistically Due to win a lock” lock of the night. I’m playing with 4 tonight, because my 4 is better than anyone else’s 5. My team is on the floor, my team is on the floor.*

Miami vs Orlando Under 197.5

*I fully realize that makes no sense, but when you lose like I’ve been losing everything is fucked. Night is day, up is down. It’s like I’m living in the bizarro seinfeld, I got feldman reading books in my house and I fucking HATE feldman.

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  • Yo Gene, we already got a George. What do you got for the Super Bowl? I want your picks for coin toss, first score, final, final over/under just so I can do the opposite.

    - Fien
  • haha.

    - G
  • Well my picks are always “right” its the outcome of the games that are wrong. See the difference?

    - Big Cat
  • Fuckin’ Feldman.

    - Hambone
  • Sounds like a lot of picks lately have been wrong…weird for a guy who has only been wrong once when he thought he was wrong but he really wasn’t

    - CJG
  • I f’n love being statistically due, in large part bc somewhere, some nerd from the 5th floor Langdon is crying angrily trying to explain how it’s statistically impossible.

    - Biffy
  • This should be fun

    - GoodBurger

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Snow Day Special Lock Of The Night

lock 300x225 Snow Day Special Lock Of The Night

The best part about this snow day is that I’ve had all day to look over lines. So you know this pick is pure gold. 100% effort. Lock it up

Syracuse @ Uconn Over 137

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  • LOL

    - G

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