Welcome Back Captain Konerko

PK 300x205 Welcome Back Captain Konerko

The White Sox agreed to a 3 year/$37.5 million deal with fan and clubhouse favorite Paul Konerko.  The best way I can describe this deal is “fair.”  Konerko probably could have got $15 million from a club like the Orioles and the White Sox probably could have played hardball and tried to only give him a two year deal since he turns 35 in a few months.  In the end, PK once again gave us a hometown discount with a lot of deferred money and will most likely get to retire in the black and white uniform that he wants to.

This deal was an absolute must in order to compete with the AL Central champs up in cake eater land.  I’m really excited about the 2011 White Sox….we have a mix of speed, power, and great starting pitching.  I still think Kenny has a trade up his sleeve and will unload a starter to get some bullpen help and reduce payroll.  Either way, the front office went all in and increased the payroll in a bad economy….now it is up to us to fill the seats and support the team.

For the time being its back to freezing cold weather….just 4 months until Opening Day.

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  • Morneau & Nathan will be back for the Twins so it will yet again be another Central Division crown for the Twins. Unfort, we’re the worst playoff team in history and will get bounced in round 1 of the playoffs. At least we don’t play in the dome anymore!

    - Minnesota Dan

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White Sox Sign the Big Donkey

dunn1 300x200 White Sox Sign the Big Donkey

White Sox and Adam Dunn have agreed to a 4 year deal worth $56 million.  This is a big time move and this is why I love having Kenny Williams as my general manager.  He is always going to take a gamble, even if he swings and misses once in awhile (Peavy).  Adam Dunn provides the left handed power bat that the team missed last year.  Unless you really liked Vizquel or Kotsay at DH, you have to love thinking about the donkey smashing homers on the southside next summer.

I don’t want to hear about the people who are going to complain:  “He strikes out too much,” or “He can’t hit for average.”  Yes, Adam Dunn strikes out a lot and yes, Adam Dunn doesn’t hit for average.  You know what Adam Dunn does do?  He hits 40 homers, has 100 rbi’s, and walks 100 times with a great on base average.  You can count on that.

Hopefully having Dunn hitting 5th will convince Konerko to take a bit of a hometown discount.  I just got a chub thinking about the slowest power hitting combo of all time hitting back to back.

And please, just a moment of silence for Bobby Jenks.  Thanks for the memories.

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  • I think this a great move for the sox. But sadly, i think the writing is now on the wall for konerko - take a hometown discount, or walk.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    - Jake
  • Pretty hard to argue with 7 straight years of 38 or more home runs. He also has one of the best mound charges of any batter in the game.

    - Little Cat
  • The mighty Dunn is the most underrated player in sports. He is just going to continue to mash homeruns in chicago.

    - DP
  • I love this deal, as long as he’s not playing in the field (most of the time). Now sign PK, grab a reliever or two and I am very happy with the team for next year.

    - Meatman

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White Sox Fan Suing Tattoo Parlor After She Got The Sox Logo Backwards

sox White Sox Fan Suing Tattoo Parlor After She Got The Sox Logo Backwards

A woman claiming a Northwest Side tattoo parlor accidentally inked a backward Chicago White Sox logo on her thigh filed a lawsuit Thursday against the business and the artist.

Elmwood Park resident claims that on June 5 a Mystic Tattoo Art & Body Piercing Corp.  employee  improperly tattooed her a backward Chicago White Sox logo on her thigh, according to a suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

My only question is who told this lady that her tattoo was backwards? Someone obviously let her know, no way she figured it out for herself. White Sox fans don’t know how to read. They barely know how to speak, its more like a bunch of grunts and hand signals. So who spilled the beans that this tattoo was backwards? That’s the real criminal here.

Thanks to JR for the tip

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  • she’s probably so fat she needed a mirror to see it.

    - Enrique Iglesias
  • I’m surprised she found her way to the tattoo parlor

    - Big Red

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Closing The Book On The 2010 White Sox

paul konerko 199x300 Closing The Book On The 2010 White Sox

The White Sox wrapped up 2010 yesterday in a meaningless yet very emotional game.  Did we see our captain play his last game in a White Sox uniform?  As the crowd chanted PAUL-IE PAUL-IE and Konerko stepped out for his curtain call late in the game, we all had to wonder if that was the last time he will ever step out of the White Sox dugout.

The White Sox finished in second place with an 88-74 record, six games back of the Cake Eaters.  In my mind, you can’t have a truly successful season unless you make the playoffs but with that said, this season was hardly a disappointment.  You may recall me earlier in the season talking about what we needed to do to get to the magical 88 win mark that typically wins you the  A.L. Central division….well we got there in a wild up and down way but the Twins were just too good.  When a team wins 94 games in the Central without their former MVP and top 3 Closer, there isn’t much you can do but tip your cap and watch them lose to the Yankees in October once again.

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  • Cake eaters will get swept, still doesnt make me happy about how this season ended

    - kev

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The Manny Show Heads to the Southside

The White Sox have added Manny Ramirez in what appears to be a straight waiver claim.  The White Sox would pick up the remaining $3.825 million on Manny’s two year, $45 million contract.  There is still a chance that the teams could work out a trade that would involve a mid-level prospect going to the Dodgers in exchange for L.A paying a portion of Manny’s contract.

This is a great move that has nothing but upside.  The Sox get a huge upgrade at the DH position and add a big piece to the offense to try to make a run at the Twins in this last month of the season.  Worst case scenario is that we don’t make a charge to the top and Jerry Reinsdorf’s retirement account is a few million dollars lighter.

If nothing else, this season just got so much more entertaining.  Things have just been kind of sluggish lately as we sit 4.5 games back and can’t find a spark.  Manny pretty much brings a spark and some excitement wherever he goes.  I can’t wait to have Manny and Ozzie in the same clubhouse just to see them try to one up each other every day.  So much crazy shit is going to happen.

I’m wondering if Konerko is going to like the Manny Hug or not?  He doesn’t seem as touchy feely as Big Papi.

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  • If only he could pitch relief.

    - Meatman

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Sox Win, Stay Alive

Well if there was ever a must win game in the middle of August, tonight was just that.  Buehrle gave the White Sox 7 strong innings and the offense just wiped Carl Pavano’s mustache all over the field.  If we got swept tonight we would have been 6 back but now we are just 4 back and still have a shot at the Central Division with 41 games to go.

Give the Twins credit for continuing to roll and taking 2 out of 3 to extend their lead.  This was a series that the Sox could have swept and absolutely should have taken 2 out of 3 but of course it was the Fucking Pirhanas that we just can’t beat.  It doesn’t matter if we are playing on shitty carpet or in a nice new stadium, we don’t beat the Twins in Minneapolis.  I’m still having nightmares about Thome hitting the walk off on Tuesday night…..it was one of those losses that left me not wanting to talk to anybody on Wednesday….I think I said a total of 9 words at work.  What is done is done and it is time to move on.

Everybody knew the White Sox were not going to continue their 25 out of 30 pace.  Hopefully we have gone through our cold steak over the last 10 days and can start playing better baseball.  The Twins are playing great baseball but there is no way they can keep this pace up.  If we can stay within 3 games when they come to Chicago in mid-September, we can win this division.

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White Sox vs Twins for 1st Place

Big time series starting tonight on the Southside.  The White Sox forgot to bring their bats to Baltimore and just lost 3 out of 4 to the suddenly on fire Orioles.  While the Twins rested and ate cake yesterday, the Sox took the late flight home from the city that Avon Barksdale once ran.  Hopefully the squad got some sleep and will come out hungry for their biggest series of the year.

Sox vs Twins, two out of three gets you first place and some momentum going into the last six weeks of the season.  The series probables are:

Freddy Garcia vs. Scott Baker

John Danks vs. TBD (Slowey just got scratched with a bad elbow)

Gavin Floyd vs. Francisco Liriano

I like the White Sox to take game 2 and the Twins to take game 3 so the Garcia vs. Baker match-up tonight could decide who grabs the top spot in the AL Central.  Should be a great series and a lot of good baseball from two teams playing as well as anybody over the last month.  Look for Hawk to use a lot of “Don’t Stop Now…..BOYS.”

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  • Let’s not let Neddy’s love of cake ruin a whole state… let alone the best managed club in baseball.

    - GHalvy
  • God damn has he driven that saying into the ground already.

    - Meatman

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White Sox Trade Daniel Hudson For Edwin Jackson

edwin jackson 300x234 White Sox Trade Daniel Hudson For Edwin Jackson

If there is not another move involved here, I don’t like the trade.  We basically just traded our top young pitcher who is under team control at a low salary until 2016 and another young pitcher who was rated our 8th best prospect.  We get back a guy in Jackson who has a ton of talent and is more proven than Hudson but has just been a mess this year other than his no hitter, and lets be serious who hasn’t thrown a no-hitter this season.  We will pay him 1.5mm this year and then 8.5mm next year and then he is a free agent and we might not be able to re-sign him with all the money were are paying the other 4 in the rotation (peavy, buehrle, Floyd, danks).

The upside of this deal is that Cooper has proven many times that he can work his magic on a young pitcher with talent (ie. Danks and Floyd) and Jackson has awesome stuff.  Also, you can never fault Kenny for trying to win now and Jackson is without a doubt a better option than Hudson short term.

I still don’t think this is the last move though….I think we land Dunn by tonight for Jackson and another prospect.

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  • I hope you are right. Then get Myers and have the biggest D-Bag battery in baseball.

    - Meatman

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White Sox Drop 3 of 4 to the Cake Eaters

Well today was probably the worst and most painful loss of the season.  The White Sox were up 6-3 in the ninth inning and in a great position to get a solid split up north and then all hell broke loose.  Bobby Jenks and the bullpen just completely imploded and the game went from an easy 6-3 victory to a 7-6 loss.  There are days when a pitcher just doesn’t have it and I think it’s safe to say that Jenks “didn’t have it” today.

The new Target Field is a really good looking stadium and still proves to be a tough place to play but it just doesn’t scare me the same way that the Twinkie Dome did.  I say this because I think when they designed the stadium they had three main concerns in mind: Mauer-Proof it, Morneau-Proof it, and then once those two were done….Kubel-Proof it.  I mean you are kidding yourself if you don’t think some architect from Edina, Mauer, and Adam Banks sat around a table just smashing cake and drawing up the worst possible stadium design.

The entire strength of the Twins lineup and the faces of their franchise for the next ten years are left handed hitters, yet they have a ballpark that couldn’t be further from their strengths.  No longer can Mauer slap balls into the first two rows in left and left center like he did in the dome.  No longer can Morneau and Kubel use the gaps and slap balls over the weak ass garbage bag that they used as a fence.  The new Target Field is a massive park and the ball just dies in the deep gaps.  Mauer has a grand total of 0, yes 0, home runs at home this year.  Morneau has a grand total of 4 and Kubel has 6 so the big three has a total of 10.

The twins are a very good team and the AL Central is going to be a three team race the whole way but I just don’t think the Twins have enough pitching to win the division in their new pitchers park.

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  • I hope you’re right. And I hope Jenks forgets about yesterday real fast.

    - Meatman

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Latissimus = Not Good - Peavy Possibly Done For The Year

Well this wasn’t what we needed.  As soon as the Jake Meister left the mound in pain last night, I knew we were in a lot of trouble.  Not many guys pitch through more pain than Jake Peavy so when it forced him out, I knew we were fucked.  If I needed any more confirmation of that, I listened to Hawk say: “Stoney, I don’t know where the Latissimus is, but it don’t sound good.”

The official diagnosis is that Peavy’s Latissimus Dorsi is detached from the bone and he is headed to see the dreaded Dr. James Andrews.  Best case scenarios have him being out two months and worst case scenarios have him not touching a baseball until next February in Glendale, AZ.  Either way, we are going to be without one of our best and hottest pitchers for a long time.

The silver lining is we get to see top pitching prospect Daniel Hudson show us what he can do.  I hope he lives up to the hype but no matter what, the White Sox just took a serious blow in trying to win the AL Central.

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