Get Excited Its Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl Time

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had December 20th circled on the calendar for QUITE some time now. Because if there is one bowl that really gets me amped its the Beef O Brady’s bowl. Tradition, prestige, on field excellence, you name it, Beef O Brady’s has it. So get your popcorn ready folks, tonight christmas comes early.

Southern Miss +2.5 @ Louisville.


Has anyone ever been to a Beef O Brady’s?

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  • Apparently there is a population of people whose home looks like the inside of a shitty Applebees.

    - Hambone

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Beer Pong vs. Civil War - THE SHOWDOWN

.If there are two things that I love in this world… two things that I LIVE for in this world… it’s competition and drinking.  I don’t think I’m going out on a ledge declaring a combination of the two to be the second best thing on the face of the earth – chicken fingers being the undisputed most amazing things ever.  Still confused?  Allow me to enlighten:


That’s science right there.  Indisputable, pink, possibly retarded science.  But it illustrates my point in ways words simply cannot.  Except for those three words in the Venn diagram.  Those are important.

Now, as anyone who’s been to college* can attest to, competitive drinking is a collegiate staple.  Unless you went to some weird religious school like Marquette.  And there are a handful of games that are prevalent at virtually any good party:

  • Beer pong
  • Flip cup
  • Quarters
  • Card games (Fuck the dealer, etc)
  • Civil War

What’s that?  You don’t know about Civil War?  Or maybe you do, which would be very impressive.  If you don’t, here’s a quick and dirty explanation of the rules (although I usually play with 3 balls, not 2).  I hope I’m not alone here, but I didn’t find out about Civil War until after I graduated.  Let me just say, my mind was BLOWN.  This is possibly the greatest drinking game I’ve ever witnessed.  And I had a serious relationship with beer pong throughout my entire duration at UW.  We loved each other.  Beer pong was always there for me.  Yet when I met Civil War, it was like my eyes finally opened up to what was possible when you mix beer, ping pong balls, and full contact sports.  This has me thinking: which is truly the top dog in the competitive drinking world?  The other games mentioned above are good and fun, but nothing gets the blood flowing like an intense game of pong or some bloody civil war.



  • Can be played solo or in teams
  • 6 or 10 cup allows you to reasonably control the length of the games
  • Enough beer is used that you can get pretty drunk if you’re rolling people
  • Tons of variations and mods enable fresh game play for years
  • It’s fucking awesome


  • Some games can go FOREVER
  • You’re guaranteed to consume 3 pounds of hair, dirt and other crap off the floor per game
  • Bouncing is pretty much the lamest thing ever
  • At most, 4 people can partake, leading to long lines to get on the table


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  • The South is everything that is wrong with America. Secede and go away.

    PS - Leave fried chicken behind though.

    - Schwa
  • Let me share a story with you all about beer pong………….. holy fucking shit I can’t remember anything.

    - EA
  • Never disgrace beer pong. Never disgrace the South. It will rise again.

    - T.I.
  • beer pong baseball is actually my favorite

    - Biffy
  • Let me share a story with you all - My first Civil war experience.
    I was visiting a friend at Butler and his roommates decided it was time to play Civil War and as Schwa said, competition and drinking = orgasm, I wanted in. They quickly taught me the rules and since I identify myself as a pretty solid beer pong player I was ready to kick some ass.
    4 games deep and my team is still holding the table (The South could not be taken down). Finally got a real close game. It came down to me being the last one left on my team with only one cup, and they had all three people each with one cup. They all three shoot and miss and my team helps me get all three balls back. I take each shot one by one down the line and nail all three of their cups. I was sold from that moment on. One man left on the battle field taking on a freaking army. For the South!

    - Jason
  • I’ll have to give Beer Die a shot, sounds intense. I suppose I could have mentioned Baseball as well, but Pong/Civil War are better.

    - Schwa
  • Severely underplayed.

    Also, Civil War is solid although I’ve found that skill reigns supreme almost to a fault. Some people can’t hack the hurry up offense with a ping pong ball and you get the same people winning - more so than in std bp.

    - facts
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  • damn, those are some great tits

    - DG

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The Most Honest College Ad You Will Ever See

There it is folks. Beer Bong, drunk coeds, half naked people, black out faceplants, College. If FSU wants to turn their football program around they just need to show this video on infinite repeat.

Come to Florida State, where drinking beer and falling off cars is the new reading.

That post beer bong snot rocket was real sexy.

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  • I should have gone to school in the south.

    - Davey

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The Badgers Are Who We Thought They Were…

An 8-4 team headed to the capital one bowl.

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The Hot Glove’s Weekly Big Ten Preview

Big Ten Football 300x150 The Hot Gloves Weekly Big Ten Preview

Editors Note - With Big Ten play starting this weekend TheHotGlove, led by schwa, will be taking us through the games each and every week. If you need a reason to read it, which you shouldn’t, here are two of them

1. The Big Ten is the best conference on the planet

2. Schwa knows the difference between things like your/you’re and their/there unlike my illterate ass.

So sit back and enjoy….

So… here we are.  The Big 10 season is finally underway.  And it couldn’t come any sooner.  Did you see the schedule of games last week?  Pretty much just a waste of everyone’s time - but at least it gave everyone something to do while getting plastered at 1 in the afternoon.  Anyway, I’ll have one of these for you every Thursday through the end of the season.  And this is no standard ESPN preview.  I don’t really care about stats or anything like that.  In fact, there’s a good chance very little of this will actually involve football, and that’s definitely a good thing.


#11 WISCONSIN @#24 MSU, 2:30 ABC

I’m expecting 3 blowouts in the B10 this week, so this was really a choice between the Badger/Spartan game and the PSU/Iowa game.  Personally, I don’t think PSU is that good, and each of those teams have already lost a game.  The Badgers and Spartans have been engaged in some pretty good games over the last 5 or so years, and I have a feeling we’re due for another one this weekend.  Both teams are running the ball like they’re going up against high school teams, so it will be interesting to see how they adjust when the D’s start loading up the box.  Vegas has the Badgers by a couple points on the road, and my gut tells me Bucky will pull this one out.  Grab a Creek and enjoy.

Speaking of Creek, I fucking love it.  Anytime you have a cheap beer with a high alcohol percentage, I’ll just about guarantee a few things will happen:

  • Someone will bleed
  • Someone will puke
  • Someone might die

It’s also highly possible that all 3 of those things happen to the same person.  Sounds like someone needs to learn how to handle their Creek a little better.  And WTF - my mind was blown when I learned that they sell MC at Trader Joe’s.  Trader Joe’s is so fucking trendy - they sell all this fancy beer and girls get weak in the knees just thinking about their fabulous (their word, not mine) wine selection.  But if you take a look on the bottom shelf, you’ll just find sixers of Creek beggin’ for some love.  I walk this planet to give them that love.


As anyone with HBO knows, there’s a certain elite group of movies that are constantly stuck on the loop.  Here, we’ll highlight the best of the best - movies so awesome that you simply can’t say ‘no’.

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  • I’m just gonna go ahead and say it - I’d rather be called ‘bitch’ or ‘squeak’ instead of ‘shoelace’. What a dumbass nickname. It’s only a matter of time until we start seeing these images pop up on ABC:

    - Schwa
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  • Very good bit ten preview. but wheres the love for michigan. Don’t you know i’m gonna win the heisman and the rose bowl. quite sippin on your haterade.

    - Shoelace
  • I take full credit for introducing the world to Ridin Dirty. I was listening to that song in the fuckin medieval times

    - DG
  • If only Lou Redwood announced every game ever:

    Dick Pepperfield: Lou, would you mind putting out that cigarette, it’s very unprofessional.
    Lou Redwood: No, I like to smoke when I drink.

    - CJ
  • ridin dirty is in my head 80% of the 60% of the time a song is in my head.

    - Anonymous
  • And mountain creek didn’t? That is poison.

    - wayne
  • Old Grand Dad, just the mention put a shiver down my spine

    - The Guy

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This Guy Knows How To Party

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

Watch out ladies indeed. And the best part is you don’t even have to get him a christmas present because he’s already wearing a real nice looking sweater.

This video right here is why when people say do you miss college I always say yes. Not because I want to go around dancing with a box in my head slamming beers. I don’t. But because this is a totally normal and acceptable activity on a college campus. Like look at that lady behind box guy, she’s just standing there completely unimpressed. She’s probably seen 10 drunk dancing box heads already today. Guys are a dime a dozen on a college campus and no one even flinches. Its like a little bubble where all social norms and etiquette have never and will never exist.


I thought the SEC was supposed to be the best conference in the country? Little did you know its just a bunch of fat drunk guys listening to Rihanna at 10 am on a Saturday. Sweet job guys.

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  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    - neo
  • Guys named Tad suck

    - Dubya
  • LSU sucks

    - Tad
  • Holy hairballs. Thats a fucking chest right there

    - Kev

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The Hot Glove’s College Football Picks

After going .500 last week, I had a conference with Sinbad and Kathy Ireland who were former All-Americans at Texas State.   The Armadillos might have started out slow, but just as Manumana “The Slender” blew up two-time All-American LB Harlan “Flat-top” Meyers face, The Hot Glove’s picks are gonna knock your bookie out this week.  Boom Boom.

North Carolina St. -2 vs Cincinnati

Georgia-2 vs Arkansas

West Virginia -9.5 vs Maryland

Nevada +3 vs California

Tennessee +14 vs Florida

Texas -3.5 vs Texas Tech

Mississippi St. +8 vs. LSU

Notre Dame +3.5 vs. Michigan St.

Arizona +1.5 vs Iowa

Last Week: 3-3

Season: 9-4-1

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  • Connecticut -6.5 @ Temple

    - Big Daddy

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Probably The Most Accurate Commercial Of All Time

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

So I saw this video about a week ago and didn’t even think about posting it. Just one of those things where something is so accurate and correct that its almost dumb to point out. Like no duh U of M is full of fat ugly assholes.

Flash forward to Saturday and Michigan beating Notre Dame, and all of a sudden its like Michigan is a national championship contender or something. Yeah Denard Robinson was awesome but lets get real, he did it against a .500 team. Wait until Big Ten play starts and Iowa’s front 4 or Chris Borland stuffs his dick in. Then lets see who’s walking around with their chest puffed out.

That’s the thing about Michigan fans, theyre all a bunch of pussies when they’re losing and tough guys when they win. Say what you will about those rednecks from Columbus but at least theyre consistent. Always acting like maniacs that will punch your girlfriend in the face, doesnt matter if they win 1 game or 12.

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  • And lesbians, dont forget the lesbians

    - Kev

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Mark May Knows What I’m Talking About

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  • T-Ney is gonna be lookin’ real good in that costume

    - Biff
  • Wooaaaa…Waaaoooooaahh.

    - Danny

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Big Ten Divisions Announced, Who Got Screwed?

The Big Ten will announce its much-anticipated, two six-team divisional setup for the 2011-12 season later Wednesday, with traditional football powers Ohio State and Michigan in opposing divisions and new member Nebraska aligned with the Wolverines.

Multiple sources told that the two divisions in the Big Ten will look like:

• Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern and Minnesota.

• And Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana and Illinois.

So the  new Big Ten Conference alignment has been released and it seems like everyone everywhere has some gripe about the “fairness” of the divisions. First of all, I don’t know how you can argue fair when teams are always falling in and out of relevance. Good teams have bad years and bad teams have good years. That will happen with any conference. That’s the nature of college football and sports in general.

So with that said I think they actually did a pretty good job with this alignment. Breaking it down for football you have 3 “powerhouses” on each side. Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska vs OSU, PSU, and Wisconsin. After that its a complete toss up. Those three bottom teams are always somewhere around mediocre. They may have the exceptional good year but for the most part those will be the bottom three of each division year in and year out.

So I guess I just don’t get what everyone is upset about. Yeah Michigan sucks right now and Nebraska isnt great but those teams will be back, and Ohio State and Penn State won’t always be great. The only guarantee you can take out of this new alignment is that the Badgers will get to smash those hick bastards from Columbus every single year for the rest of eternity.


The only thing I’m pissed about is Purdue in Wisconsin’s division. Otherwise it would have been a run away for Hottest Division. Whatever, even with the boilermakers its blow out city for best looking girls.

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  • Because Boise State plays such a tough conference schedule. It all evens out, BSU plays cupcakes in conference and big ten plays cupcakes out of conference. Although I would like to see them get more marquee early games, I’ll give you that

    - kev
  • Despite the shuffle, the Big 10 will always have a few great teams that will end up in the same division. Put Ohio St and Penn St in different divisions and one will probably end up having a horrible year. Then everyone will complain and say how they need someone else in the other conference. Take a deep breath and realize that Michigan will be back before long beating you and you’ll be glad they are in another division!

    My opinion is that it’s not only your conference anymore. Who do you schedule out of conference? Schedule a couple of touch non conference and you’ll get all the respect you need.

    - Rich BSU fan

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