Thursday Night Football - The Battle Of Meaningless Games

Will Either of these games be good? Probably not. Do either of these games matter? No. Will I be watching every second? You bet your fucking ass I will.

My only question is do you think Big Ben is pissed that he has to play on a Thursday night? Everyone knows people like to get their fuck on on Thursday nights. And If anyone likes to take advantage of drunk women and do some good old fashioned sexual assaulting its Big Ben. He must be pissed that he has to play football tonight instead of locking women in bar bathrooms.

Panthers @ Steelers -14

Navy @ San Diego State -3


Tomorrow will be a little lighter than usual but we’ll still have a few posts throughout the day for all you miserable fucks stuck at work.

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And The Dickhead Of The Year Award Goes To This Guy - Man Assaults His Wife With A Christmas Tree

colts And The Dickhead Of The Year Award Goes To This Guy   Man Assaults His Wife With A Christmas Tree

Nashville, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Kyllie R. Smith, a 40-year-old Nashville man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly assaulted his wife with a Christmas tree.

According to police, Smith’s children called police to report that their father had picked up a Christmas tree and swung it at his mother, hitting her in the head. He then threw the tree, hitting her on her back.

Investigators say Smith’s wife was taken to Bloomington Hospital for evaluation. Her condition has not been reported.

Smith was booked into jail and charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child under 16, a Class D felony.

Typical fucking Colts fan. Not bad enough that this guy has to raise his hand to a woman which is disgusting in its own right but he also has to ruin christmas too. And People always wonder why Colts fans get such a bad rap. Its because if they aren’t dressing up like lunatics and fawning over a 1 time super bowl champion they’re hitting their wives with a christmas trees and ruining christmas. There is nothing else. Its those two things or sleeping.

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  • Big question- was it a real or fake tree? If it’s real, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal…

    - G
  • Not to mention thats not even Super Bowl T-Shirt, classic Colts. Last year they celebrated losing the Super Bowl, no joke

    - kev

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Get Excited Its Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl Time

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had December 20th circled on the calendar for QUITE some time now. Because if there is one bowl that really gets me amped its the Beef O Brady’s bowl. Tradition, prestige, on field excellence, you name it, Beef O Brady’s has it. So get your popcorn ready folks, tonight christmas comes early.

Southern Miss +2.5 @ Louisville.


Has anyone ever been to a Beef O Brady’s?

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  • Apparently there is a population of people whose home looks like the inside of a shitty Applebees.

    - Hambone

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Was Josh McDaniels The Worst NFL Coach Of All Time?

He has to be right? I mean have you ever seen a resume quite like this…

He traded away the franchise quarterback just coming into his prime (Jay Cutler)

He alienated and then traded away a top 10 wide receiver (Brandon Marshall)

He traded up to in the 2009 draft to reach for an undersized cornerback who he then traded away a year later for a backup tight end. Oh and the cornerback is having a break out year with his new team, 5 ints and a forced fumble (Alphonso Smith)

He traded away a running back for a career backup QB and the running back is also having a breakout year, 905 yards 11 tds (Peyton Hillis)

He went a career 11-17, and blew a 6-0 start in 2009 to miss the playoffs

He got caught videotaping the San Francisco 49ers this year, a team that has the simplest offense in the entire world, further embarrassing his organization.

Look at that list. Its actually kind of incredible that he kept a job for as long as he did. It almost was like Josh McDaniels had a bet with all his friends to see how quickly he could get fired and then just unleashed his stupidity in record speed. I almost feel bad for the Broncos, then I remember that I hate the Broncos. So really I’m more proud of Josh, you did good kid, real good.


I guess its all a wash when you draft god’s son.

tebow Was Josh McDaniels The Worst NFL Coach Of All Time?

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Is There Room On That Bandwagon For One More: Bears-Lions Preview & More


It’s official, the Bears are not who we (I?) thought they were.  At 8-3, and fresh off a win over a very good Philadelphia team, the Bears have firmly established themselves as (a) one of NFL’s most surprising teams and (b) a contender in the NFC.  The biggest thing Chicago lacked was an impressive win despite the great record.  Sunday’s performance was a statement to the rest of the league and will prevent the Bears from sneaking up on anyone the rest of the way.  One has to think that if the Bears win two more games, they’ll be in the playoffs - win number one has to be this Sunday against Detroit.

The Lions almost beat Chicago in Week 1 but a silly fucking rule disallowed the game-winning touchdown with just over a minute to go.  I hear all you Bears haters now: “The Lions beat you”.  Well, no, they didn’t.  The rule is shitty but it’s a rule and the right call was made, according to a lot of people who know way more about this stuff than I do.  Detroit’s season since that game has been really interesting.  They’re good enough to play everyone but the top-5 teams close but they’re bad enough to lose every game.  This is a rebuilding team, as it has been for the last 15 years, but this is the first time you can honestly say there is a plan in place and it looks to be working.  Here’s my take on Sunday’s matchup:

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  • I’m worried this is a classic trap game. The Bears should win this by 2 tds but should never actually happens

    - Kev

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Lets All Gush Over Brett Favre’s Hurt Ankle And Your Weekly NFL Total

favre viking senior 300x271 Lets All Gush Over Brett Favres Hurt Ankle And Your Weekly NFL Total

This is the oldest Favre trick in the book. Play injured, hobble around, look gritty. Then if he wins,  he’s a gamer and peter king will write a 300 page theses on his accolades. And if he loses? well it was unbelievable that he was out there to begin with. That’s Brett Favre in a nutshell, it doesnt matter what is best for the team, it matters that he is in a win-win situation.

Minnesota @ New England Over 44

Totals - 8-4

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Time For The Badgers To Do Work

You know whats crazy. That Badger fans are actually worried about this game. Are you serious? So what if Iowa always beat us, we just kicked the shit out of Ohio State, we’re the best team in the country, theres just no way we lose today.

We’re faster, stronger, and about a thousand times smarter than Iowa.

Badgers + 5 is an absolute gift. I just can’t wait to see all those corn eating hicks with frowns on their faces after Ricky Stanzi and his pretty boy hair throws yet another costly pick.

Honestly, look at this kid. Do you think he is going to beat the biggest baddest team in the country? Fuck No. Lock it up. Badgers Roll

RickyStanzi13 213x300 Time For The Badgers To Do Work

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Jacksonville’s New O-Coordinator Is Looking Real Good

No wonder their offense is so good.

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Monday Night Football - Vikings @ Jets

Whoo doggy do we have a good one on tap tonight. I honestly don’t know if I’m more excited for the game or for Mike, Jaws, and Gruden to dance around the fact that the entire country has seen BrettFavre’s dick. Either way I think the only thing that could make this game really great is if they let Mark Chmura be that weird celebrity guest they let in the booth for a few plays. I really could use Chewy’s take on BrettFavre’s penis.

Minnesota Vikings +4.5 @ Jets

This Week - 5-8

Season - 31-41-3 - Getting worse

Totals - 6-3

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Barf-Fest 2010 Complete - Giants 17, Bears 3

I don’t know what to say, really.  It’s hard to imagine an offense playing worse than Chicago’s did on Sunday night.  Actually, fuck that.  It’s impossible for an offense to play worse.  Plain and simple.  Nine sacks in the first half?  Inexcusable.  Jay Cutler was atrocious and held onto the ball way, way, way too long.  The offensive line did not do him any favors.  And lastly, why the fuck does Mike Martz insist on completely abandoning the running game?  I don’t care if you don’t gain a yard — when your quarterback is taking that kind of a beating, you HAVE to call a few run plays.  I put fault in the first half at 50% Cutler, 30% offensive line and 20% Martz.  And all that happened before the franchise quarterback suffered a concussion and had to leave the game.  Fuck it, if you watched this trainwreck you know how I feel.  Words fail me…

  • Credit to the defense.  As bad as the offense played, the defense was really, really good.  They gave up some bigger plays as the game went on but that has to be attributed to the fact that they were on the field all night.  The defense is the strength of the team and it’s nice to see them return to elite form.
  • I, like (I hope) most Bears fans, am very impressed with Julius Peppers so far in 2010.  For the second straight week, he was the best player on the field.  Last week he made his impact as a pass-rusher and against the Giants it was his play against the run that stood out.  Expect another big game from Peppers next week in his return to Carolina.
  • Honestly, I’m out of things to say at this point.  Nice game by Brad Maynard I guess.  The Giants are not very good.
  • Where was Lance Briggs tonight?
  • The Giants should quit being bitches and just realize Ahmad Bradshaw is their best player.  Don’t even think about giving the ball to Brandon Jacobs.
  • Sick, sick, sick play by Zach Bowman chasing down Bradshaw and punching the ball out.  That should be enough to get your name out of the doghouse, Zach.
  • I wish I could go on but I need a day or two to digest what this game means for the 2010 Chicago Bears.  Is this the beginning of the end?  Maybe.  But the optimist in me sees another angle.  Look, the offensive line needs a lot of work.  But if the team played even 10% better, they would have won.  Things couldn’t have gone any worse (I mean, they had like four fucking first downs), yet they were in this game until the 4:30 mark.  Either way next week is very, very important for the season and the psyche of everyone in Chicago.

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  • That was easily one of the ugliest games I have ever watched

    - Timmy

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