College Athletes Get Nothing And Like It

Editor’s Note - Donnie, THG’s Old Blackhawk Writer, is back to get to talk the state of College Athletics

Am I the only person in the fucking world who thinks that paying college athletes is completely ridiculous? Recently, there have been a number of college athletic programs under investigation because their dumbass players are accepting gifts and money from agents and boosters.  Reggie Bush has been exiled from USC and has since forfeited his Heisman Trophy.  The craziest part of this whole scenario is that college athletes in general seem to be getting the benefit of the doubt.  This is not to say that there aren’t blood sucking agents out there, but don’t tell me that the players have not been well educated on how to handle these situations accordingly.  Don’t tell me the solution is to pay college athletes in order to curtail their inclination to accept improper benefits.  Do these kids have no sense of accountability in this?  I, for one, am fed up with the notion that big time college athletes should be monetarily compensated.  People continue to endorse this and now the athletes themselves are jumping on the bandwagon.  Now, I understand that it is only a few individuals who are hurting the reputation of the whole.   I know people who played division one college sports who are, to this day, some of my best friends and continue to exude character traits that I strive to attain.  However, this topic has gotten out of control and my temperature continues to rise as people constantly support this idea.  Here are nine reasons illustrating my opposition:

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  • To Donnie, i hope u realize that realize Quarterback is not the hardest, Being an offensive lineman is the toughest position. You have to be strong mentally and physically, and they are generally the smartest people on the team. So suree quarterbacks realll toughh

    - Bubba
  • Thanks for the comments commentsectionbandito. Ryan Mallet was doing an interview with Dan Patrick about a month ago and admitted that it was possible to work DURING the season. Now this is the quarterback, and one of the best in the country this year I might add, of a major college football program saying that. So you have one of the most highly touted players in the country, playing the most difficult position in sports making these comments. Also, I wrote in my column that players should be able to go pro as early as they want. As soon as they get crushed in the pro’s, they’ll be wishing they had a free education to go back to.

    - Donnie
  • If people decide to pay you, no one should be able to say they can’t. I mean they earned that money, why can’t they do with it as they please? In fact, rich people should be entitled to a lifetime supply of free weed and hookers, since they can obviously circumvent the law to acquire these things with their vast wealth.

    No internet comment section ever has intelligent discourse, but can’t people think a little bit before they type? Athletes have these things called “offseasons” where they practice much less than they do during the season. Maybe they could use this time to seek employment? I doubt it would be hard to find given the fact that people actually know they can work hard.

    And for F’s sake, do you know where a lot of universities get the big bucks? RESEARCH AND RESEARCH GRANTS. The best you can get at some places for undergraduate research is housing. Yet, my university alone receives almost $200,000,000 for said research. Just food for thought for those meatheads out there, athletics isn’t the only big fish in the pond.

    Football is a choice. I’ve seen people give up their lives to THEATER for god’s sake, just as time consuming, same levels of talent required, and none of the glory. If you need to get paid to do something you love while you’re on a free ride, you frankly don’t love it and deserve a smack upside the head.

    - Commentsectionbandito
  • Anoynymous is dead on.Finally someone gets it.Yeah the Obannon lawsuit is going to change college sports forever.I love the point you make.They should be able to make whatever legal money they can like any other college student.If they can’t because of a “rule” then it is a labor employment contract and not a scholarship. Total anti-trust issues and collective bargaining issues front and center and there is no where to legally hide….

    - McGomp
  • You are so far off….if it is a scholarship, then they should be able to work or receive money for personal appearances etc just like any other student. Cheerleaders, film students, music students, business students are allowed to make money outside their scholarship and there is no restriction….but the NCAA wants no competition for the billions….not millions of dollar…billions.. that they make off of these players…so hypocritical….hey if they go to class and stay out of trouble then the NCAA should but out…it is none of their business legally where they make additional taxed income….It is Anti-trust and they are breaking several labor laws….the Ed Obannon law suit keeps moving through the courts and I can not wait until the NCAA is exposed as the exploitative fraud that it is….

    - Anonymous
  • Be careful Seth,
    First of all you’re going out on a limb on every comment you just made.
    I interned for CBS. You may have heard of them. They probably weren’t making much money off of me personally, because I was an intern, but I contributed to their productions which makes tons of money. It’s kind of like how the 3rd string quarterback doesn’t personally make that much money for the school. Why should he get paid? You’re talking about 1 or 2, maybe 3 players a year per team who are marquis players and drive revenue. Secondly, I was not a college athlete, but I was an athlete. Finally, I was paying ALL of my bills during that time, you know why? Because I sucked it up and made it work. Because I wanted something and I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to earn my stripes in an industry that I loved. I know this sounds crazy, but, it paid off. Hard work paid off, as I was employed by two companies before my internship was over.
    Finally, if not getting paid was the main reason you stopped playing then I gather you were pretty good. At the same time, if you were good enough to get paid, I find it hard to believe someone with your talent would quit. Many of the kids, who like you, don’t/didn’t get paid, come from slums. How do they keep playing? I sense there are some other circumstances at play here, otherwise you would have played until you were eligible for the draft, and then…gotten paid.

    - Donnie
  • While you were interning was someone making millions of dollars off of you? I’m guessing no right, and I am going out on a limb here but you weren’t an athlete were you. Also, while you were interning who was paying your bills? I love all of sports, but playing without pay is exactly why I had to stop playing.

    - Seth
  • Just throwing this out there - the NCAA signed a 14 year, $11 BILLION deal with CBS for the Men’s Basketball Tournament. Add in the NCAA’s TV deals with ESPN, CBS for SEC Football, and every other channel, you’ve got so much money it’s hard to fathom. I’m willing to bet the NCAA can find a way to pay each athlete $2000/year from those BILLIONS of dollars. This takes the heat off athletic departments to fund the stipends, and gives an equal amount to every D-I athlete. This issue isn’t a school specific topic - it’s an NCAA topic, so they should be the ones to pony up.

    - Clinton
  • Most of you people who try to disagree with Donnie are fucking retards. I dont have time nor the patience to go through in detail over every comment, but I am a former college athlete and I work in a division 1 athletic department.
    In no way shape or form should any athlete ever be paid. There is no greater difference in the size of athletic budgets than Division 1 Athletics. Top programs clear 100 million annually… Those schools being Texas, Ohio State, Tenn, Florida (not hard to fathom).

    The bottom schools struggle to make ends meat and still put a team out on the field. (Take notice of how many schools are dropping D1 Athletics programs, it happens everyday). So if you start paying these kids, you can kiss their ass good bye- any chance at seeing any “Miracles” or “Cindarella Story’s from ever fucking happening again, meaning the special year Butler had this past year in NCAA, bc I can tell you in fact, that there is no way they could every compete by playing players while they already operate off a budget less then 10% of what their instate rivals do in Bloomington.

    Point being before I go off on a tangent, the general finances of college athletics are that only the top programs make a profit, less than 8% actually, and if you pay the players, you will without a doubt create the most uneven playing ground in any sporting culture.

    If the players have a problem with the strict guidelines, practice schedule, early morning workouts, christmas eve, christmas day, fucking new years eve, missing spring break bla bla bal more fucking whining… then step back and realize what you are getting… a “chance” at a free education (chance meaning if you step out of the geology and sociology apartments and take a major worthwhile), you get experiences of a lifetime and the opportunity for people to be talking about your name for decades, you develop character and the chance to battle adversity (something the frat kid only knows about by loosing a 3rd straight beer pong game), you get better cafeteria/meal food- no room for argument there, and again… you get to walk out onto that field everyday, as man donnie says… …

    …. athletes.. step up to the plate, realize you are the marketing flagship for the university… if you cant handle the heat or dont have the juevos.. join the fucking chess club… i hear 100,000 people show up to watch those events every saturday….

    - Teeter
  • Greatings, ЎGracias por el artнculo. Cada vez que quieres leer.


    - Ilias
  • I’m a huge fan of this column. If we start paying college football players, why not high school football teams too? Think about it—the money people pay at the door for a football game on a Friday night gets spread around to all the sports and “activities”-the quiz bowl team possibly included.
    One thing to keep in mind—a lot of those full-ride scholarships are actually paid for by endowments established by wealthy boosters.
    I say keep this great spectacle reserved for amateurs; personally, I don’t want to pay $300 to sit through a game I’m probably not going to remember much of anyways.
    Just a couple of random thoughts…

    - Magnus
  • Hey man,

    I’m not gonna react to each of your points one by one, but rather just in general. I am 100% FOR paying college athletes, from basketball to football to track/field to softball, ANY interscholastic varsity sports. I believe this because college sports have become such a massive amount of revenue for colleges, and to say that giving an athlete a full scholarship is enough no longer is apropos. To me, it’s not just practice and games - it’s all the things we don’t know about: mandatory study halls, community service appearances, film study, curfews, etc. Whereas a normal student might have class from 9-11 and then say 1-2 and then he’s done, the athlete has lifting from 5:30-7, class 8-10, then study hall 10-11, then class 2-3, then practice 3-6, then night study hall 8-9 (for example) and then with lifting again at 5:30, I don’t think this athlete is staying up past 10:30. This athlete has no time to find a side job to afford pizza, or going on a date, OR having their parents come watch them play if they attend a school far away (and this is something you ALWAYS hear about football players taking advantage of from boosters). Save up money during the summer then, some say! Well, NCAA sports has become a 24/7/340 business. No longer do they get summers off - they might get 1-2 weeks, but then it’s right back for summer school (to help make up classes they couldnt fit into their schedule why? Because of their crammed daily schedule!) or summer practice. Ultimately, I feel the NCAA will eventually find a way to give every athlete some percentage of their school’s athletic revenue. I’m not saying $10K/student; I’m just saying give them something like $3000/year.

    - Clinton
  • Biff, point well taken however:

    1)I never suggested that it is easy. I’ve played sports with strict workout regiments, I know how much it can suck, but I would rather be out exercising and doing calisthenics then stocking shelves at wal-mart in the middle of the night.
    2)If you prefer to roll out of bed hungover and after the football team has lifted and gone to class, don’t play.
    3)”nothing but tuition and books,” I can’t agree with that statement. This is exactly the point, the value of a college education is being compromised. Do you know how much books cost? Also, In most cases you are looking at tuition costs of $100k or more. I would hardly call that “nothing.”
    4)There is a contingent of students who have everything paid for, including social life, by parents or whomever, but its hard to make an argument for stipening athletes when there is also a large contingent of students who work around the clock to PAY for school.
    5)Possible solution: I know that students can request extra money for living expenses through their student loans. Perhaps, Athletes could look into that for help.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    - Donnie
  • oh christ:

    1. tuition and money generated by the athletics dept are separated; in fact, athletic revenue subsidizes your tuition as well as the university’s research endeavors.
    2. Football, Men’s basketball, and in some cases hockey and baseball subsidize all other collegiate athletic scholarships; essentially the football team pays for the women’s water polo team, and the men’s wrestling team, and the women’s soccer team, and the softball team, and the men’s diving team. Why? Title IX. Not only do you have to spend an equal amount on women’s athletics, but the coach’s have to make the same amount. So the assistant women’s basketball coach at Ohio State clears around $900k, but brings in virtually no revenue to the athletic department whatsoever. I can’t believe I am saying this next line, but that screams of socialism to me.
    3. Clearly you never played football before because if you did, you would know football practice fucking sucks. Have you ever heard the Ray Lewis quote where he essentially says you get paid to practice, but you play the games for free? Granted, that is in reference to professional athletics, but irrespective of that it rings true. I personally sympathize with guys who, by the time most students roll out of bed hungover, have already had an hour long weightlifting session, are in now inclass, and have another 3 hours of practice and meetings later that day. I realize plenty of students work their way through school, but if that doesn’t constitute working your way through school then I dont’ know what does.
    4. Because of the absurd demands placed on them by these ridiculous coaches, often times players struggle to balance their academic and social lives in the limited time they have away from their sport, and as such, struggle to take advantage of the academic opportunity presented them. Suggesting that they work more would only make this problem worse, not better.
    5. Here is what you completely miss: players receive a stipend for living expenses during the season, but as soon as the season is over they get nothing but tuition and books, which is why you see star running backs working the door at scummy college bars on Saturday night. I don’t mean to suggest that one should sympathize with them for just because they have to work a job while in school, as many students, scholarship athletes as well as everyone else does, but what I am suggesting is that it’s easy to have something given to you, but once it’s taken away things become more complicated.

    I generally agree with the statements saying, you knew it was wrong and you did it anyways; no excuse for that. But the argument where you’re saying that lots of people work while they’re in school is pretty whack- playing football constitutes a full time job, in addition to taking a minimum of 12 credits (NCAA rules dictate such). Again I must point out that football practice fucking sucks. You don’t get to “play football everyday”; usually practice consists of painfully boring walk-throughs, calisthenics, and drills where you run to the left, then the right, then back, then forwards based on which way your coach is holding the ball.

    My only suggestion would be to take a small slice of the revenues generated and rather than subsidize the women’s underwater basketweaving team, give the players an equal, reasonable stipend year round to deal with living expenses. Once you do that, then you have more ammo to lash out at the bad apples who take improper benefits, right?

    - Biff
  • Great point Little Cat! The reality is they are compensated. The reason they are not paid is because we have leagues for that….the pros!

    - Donnie
  • Very well-written article. You make some solid points. I’d also point out that with all the expenses with college athletics including so many sports, facilities, coaches, etc. they actually don’t make mad money.

    Check out this article:

    Only a few of these schools are making bank, 14 out of 120. With that being the case, how can they actually pay players or even make the argument that the school is making tons of money off them.

    - Little Cat
  • I agree with some of your points but fundamentally disagree with one. You pass over the fact that so much money is being made. Its more than so much, its millions upon millions. Don’t pay the athletes a lot but give them some compensation, theres a middle ground in there somewhere

    - Brian

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3 Year Old Jumps On The Bed And Through A Window

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 5 (UPI) — Police in California said a 3-year-old boy bouncing on a bed jumped too hard and crashed out a window screen at an apartment building, but was not hurt.

West Sacramento Police Lt. Tod Sockman said the child was jumping on a bed at Meadowbrook Apartments before 2 p.m. Tuesday and exited the apartment through a window screen, landing on the grass below, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, reported Wednesday.

Sockman said the boy cried for a time after his fall, but medics found him to be uninjured. It was unclear whether the window was on the first or second story of the building.

Police said the parents are not facing any charges.

This kid is a true rebel. Just breaking rules left and right, having bed jumping parties in the afternoons and flying out of windows. He’s clearly a real badass because no jumping on the bed is like the second most important rule of childhood. Until I was probably 10 years old I had three rules in my entire life.

  1. Don’t eat tuna fish before you swim
  2. No Jumping on the bed
  3. Step on a Crack, Break Your Mama’s Back

And here is this kid just blowing right through Rule 2 at age 3. This kid is pre-destined for a life of crime and violence, you can just see it. Because everyone knew those kids in the neighborhood, the ones that started watching married with children when they were like 5 years old and had a cap gun by age 7. Those kids were bad apples.

And this guy is clearly on a similar path to destruction, unless of course he keeps crying like a pussy every time he goes through a window, then everyone will just know him as a bed wetting cry baby. Have fun with that kid.

2 comments - Latest by:

  • I actually started watching married with children at the age of 5 as well as pulled a role of caps through a cap gun at the age of 6, lighting the role on fire…I cannot believe I have to go to jail now…

    - fat bastard
  • haha, Love rule 3, never break that rule

    - Timmay

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Illinois Man Throws Egg At Judge

Man Who Threw Egg Stays In Jail

Updated: Thursday, 01 Apr 2010, 6:44 AM CDT
Published : Thursday, 01 Apr 2010, 4:23 AM CDT

Sun-Times Media Wire

Wheaton, Ill. - Naperville resident Agim Demiri could remain in jail this Easter for egging the wall behind a DuPage County Circuit Court judge’s dais.

Demiri, 40, was jailed March 24 for hurling a raw egg at domestic relations Judge Timothy J. McJoynt.

While his seven-day contempt of court sentence ended Wednesday, Demiri was sent back to his cell in DuPage County Jail for ignoring McJoynt’s order that he make good on overdue child support payments.

Demiri lives on the 700 block of Inland Circle, in the Country Lakes area of Naperville’s far northwest side. He has appeared in McJoynt’s courtroom a number of times over the past several years in disputes over child support payments involving his two teenage children, who live with their mother in Santa Clara County, Calif.

Demiri’s aim was poor when he allegedly threw the egg at McJoynt. The missile missed the judge but splattered on a state of Illinois emblem on the wall behind his chair.

McJoynt set Demiri’s new bail at $400 cash, money Demiri said he does not have.

The new jail sentence is indefinite, and Demiri is scheduled to return Tuesday to McJoynt’s courtroom.

Well there goes Agim Demiri sliding down my draft board. Kiper had him between Bradford and McCoy but that was before this poor showing at the courthouse.

Look, you can be that weird guy who still eggs people, I actually sort of respect Agim’s old school style with that move. You can even be the guy who doesnt pay his child support, its probably not his kid anyway. But you can not be the guy who has “poor aim” when trying to hit a target.

I’m sorry theres just no coming back from that. Like if you said to me right now I get a choice between jail or the reputation of throwing like a girl I think I would choose jail. Because at least then your friends and family could talk about how badass you are, and let’s face it once youve been in jail everyone respects you for life, thats just how jail works. But if you throw like a girl? Youre basically a running joke to all of your friends. None of the kids on the block will respect you and you’ll always be picked last in sports, no thanks.

So if I’m Agim here I think I stay in jail for as long as it takes to let this one burn off. Because being known as the guy who has terrible aim would be too embarassing to handle.


The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s from Naperville. Guys who have bad aim are like a dime a dozen out there. They whole town throws like shit.

1 comment - Latest by:

  • Agreed, I know at least one weak-wristed baby-bird-boy from there…

    - G

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Man Gives Millions To Church Because Of Pact With God

8 070621god bruce1 Man Gives Millions To Church Because Of Pact With God

Billionaire fulfills ‘pact with God’

British supermarket chain founder gives fortune to charity

LONDON - The billionaire founder of a British supermarket chain is donating most of his fortune to charity to fulfill a “pact with God.”

Albert Gubay, a penniless candy seller in Wales after World War II, says he made a vow with God at the time to hand over half his fortune to the Catholic Church if he ever became rich.

Gubay went on to found the Kwik Save grocery chain and later accumulated development properties in Liverpool and Manchester. Now 82, the retail entrepreneur says he’s making good on his charitable promise.

Gubay, a lifelong Roman Catholic, has placed his business empire — valued at roughly $690 million, according to Forbes — into a charitable trust. Upon his death, half of that money will go to causes identified by the Catholic Church, with the other half to go to good causes selected by the trustees, BBC News reported Tuesday.

Gubay ranked at No. 880 in Forbes 2010 list of the world’s billionaires, with a total fortune worth $1.1 billion. He lives on the quiet British tax haven of the Isle of Man with his second wife and has two children with his first wife.

“I want to carry on supporting good causes, but my whole focus in the next few years is to work as hard as I can to meet my target of a 1 billion pounds ($1.5 billion) charity. Every penny wasted or lost reduces the pot available to the charity,” he told the Daily Mail.

Does this guy realize that you can break a pact with God. I mean I can’t speak for the general public but I’ve personally broken hundreds of pacts with god.

Every time I’m real hungover I tell God that I will never drink again in my life if he just makes the hangover stop. Has that ever stopped me from drinking again? Hell no.

I ask God for all kinds of shit, gambling, job promotion, nice weather. I basically have God in my fave 5, calling him all the time to get me out of jams.

So Albert, please don’t give all your money away because of a pact with God, maybe give him a taste to wet his beak and blow the rest of it on the important things in life - fast cars, women, and partying. God won’t know the difference, I promise.


If I die in the next few days I guess we’ll know God reads, Which is pretty badass if you ask me.

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  • Wow thats fucked up, I definitely did not know that.

    - Big Cat
  • did you know that morgan freeman has sex w/ his 27-year-old step granddaughter? i feel like nobody knows that about him. it’s legit though, he really does

    - DG

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Fat Guy Falls On Skateboard

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

At first I didnt think this was very funny and then the guy just kept falling and falling until next thing you know hes got a face full of bumper.

Hey fatass maybe you shouldnt be taking tips from that porky ginger, he doesnt strike me as a world class skateboarder.

No comments so far

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List Of 500 Worst Passwords

To be honest, I’m shocked I havent been the victim of Identity Theft yet. I perused this list and I think at one point in time Ive had at least half of these passwords.

Batman, 6969, Boobs, Big Tits, Sandra, Hot Dog, Vagina, Justin, Ladies, Naughty, 123456, Nipples

Ive had all of those passwords in my life. I thought the whole point of a password was to make it easy to remember or to make you laugh everytime you punched it in. I guess Ive been doing it all wrong.


How the hell is Bosco not on this list? I thought everyone in America changed their password to Bosco after that Seinfeld episode. I guess in retrospect that was my safest password.

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.
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Surprise, The Midwest Made Fattest Sandwich

Eatery Offers Sandwich With More Calories than Five Big Macs

Updated: Tuesday, 30 Mar 2010, 7:33 AM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 30 Mar 2010, 7:25 AM CDT

By Joe Barrett

(The Wall Street Journal) - An eatery in the Illinois capital of Springfield has written a dubious new chapter in the history of the city’s signature dish, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

“We made something very unhealthy even unhealthier,” Field House Pizza and Pub co-owner Tom Hart says.

That’s saying a mouthful, considering the dish he sought to outdo: the horseshoe sandwich, a platter-size, open-face Springfield original, consisting of bread, meat and a pile of French fries smothered in a thick cheese sauce.

Field House has added an extra layer of grease by stuffing the meat and fries into a tortilla, which stands in for the bread, and dunking the mass in a deep-fryer before ladling on the cheese sauce.

The resulting colossus, called the “Shoe Burrito,” weighs in at 2,700 calories — the equivalent of five Big Macs.

Charlie Parker’s Diner, a 1950s-style joint, makes a $6.95 Breakfast Shoe with a choice of eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, hash browns or seasoned American fries, and cheese sauce or gravy or, of course, both. “I wish I was better at math so I could figure out all the possible combinations,” owner Mike Murphy says.

If there is one thing American’s do well its fat. And the fat capital of the USA is right here in the Midwest. You come to the Midwest and we’ll show you fat that will blow your mind. Out here the Fupa and the beer belly is considered sexy and a healthy breakfast is the grand slam at denny’s.

So was I surprised to learn that the unhealthiest sandwich in the US was created right here in Illinois, hell no. Is it an accomplishment worthy of the highest accolades? You bet your ass it is. Domination is domination, doesn’t matter if it’s being fat or being dumb, if you’re the best at something no one can take that away from you, that’s just how it works. Tell a Midwesterner he’s fat and he’ll eat a 2,700 calorie sandwich in your face, making you look like a fool for stating the obvious. Because if you’re going to be fat might as well be the fattest.


No one accused Mike Murphy of being a genius but come on man. It took me like 4 seconds to figure out that there are 24 combinations to your sandwich, how can that still stump you. Must be all that fat going to his brain.

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Bank Glitch Makes A Guy A Billionaire For a Day

(NewsCore) - A Florida businessman was among a number of U.S. bank users who became billionaires for a few hours over the weekend, The Orlando Sentinel reported Sunday.

After a routine transaction Paul Fischer’s account ended up with a $88,888,888,888.88 balance - nearly $89 billion.

He called his bank, SunTrust, which has 1700 branches and is based in Atlanta, to report the result.

“Can you imagine being a billionaire for a day?” he said.

Bank spokesman Mike McCoy said a computer glitch made it appear that billions of dollars were in some accounts, but the money was never really there.

McCoy also said the error was corrected a few hours later and it didn’t appear that anyone had tried to transfer or withdraw any of the money.

But Fischer did ask a bank employee if he could move the money to a high-interest account and donate whatever interest it earned before the glitch was corrected to charity. Not surprisingly, the bank said “no.”

Fischer said he now plans to play the lottery using the number 8.

Hey Paul, Guess What, I can imagine what it would be like to be a billionaire for a day, and you want to know what I sure as hell would not do, Call my bank and tell them they screwed up.

I’m pretty sure if I go to check out my bank account and it has a billion dollars in it the first thing I’m doing is going to the atm and taking all of that money out. Just a billion dollars in 20’s, straight cash. Then I’d be high tailing it to Mexico in the Avalon as fast as humanly possible. I wouldn’t even call anyone, just peace out of my entire life, no phone call, no letters, no nothing. Then every year around christmas time I would send all my close friends 50 g’s in cash and a picture of me on my yacht with my pet sharks and entourage of models, just so you know I’m still out there somewhere being awesome.

But what did this Asshole do? He did the responsible thing, even made a funny joke to the bank teller. Hey buddy, youre a billionaire, you don’t need to ask people questions, you can fire whoever you want whenever you want it doesn’t matter if they work for you or not. Some guy cuts you in line for coffee, Fired. No questions ask. That’s how billionaires roll, the whole world is your playground and youre the biggest bully on the block.

Here I am talking about retiring with $4,500 and this guy is giving back Billions, sometimes life isn’t fair.

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Have I Lost My Mind?

So yesterday I’m sitting on my couch watching basketball with my roommate when we start talking about a march madness pool we are in and how we could win $4,500 each. I said that if I won 4,500 bucks the first thing I would do is quit my job and he thought that was crazy.

Have I lost my mind? because the way I see it you need money to make money. So if I win $4,500 I’ll probably blow about $2,500 of that on booze and partying which then would leave me 2 grand to invest into whatever awesome idea I think up of. 2 grand then turns into a couple million and I’m set for life.

So basically what I’m saying is that If I win anything more than 2 grand at any point in time I’m pretty much set for life, makes sense to me.

3 comments - Latest by:

  • better watch it - I’ll make myself your Big Daddy.

    - Big Daddy
  • Haters Gonna Hate

    - Big Cat
  • moron.

    - Big Daddy

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Facebook Fight Turns Bloody

Michael Jason Wilson Tried as Adult for Facebook War That Ended in Bloodshed

Casualties from a Facebook war between high school students could land a Laguna Beach 16-year-old in an adult state prison for 15 years.

Michael Jason Wilson is being charged as an adult for allegedly stabbing a former classmate in the stomach and assaulting two of the victim’s friends with a carving knife.

He has engaged in “an online rivalry” with a 17-year-old through Facebook and personal email accounts, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA).

Hostilities led to a March 11 confrontation at Wilson’s house that ended in bloodshed.

The 17-year-old, identified as Julian C.,  drove over to Wilson’s home with two 16-year-olds (Nicholas L. and Sam S.) and a fourth friend. Wilson had previously attended the same high school as the four visitors.

As his three friends waited in the car, Wilson and Julian C. met outside, a confrontation ensued and, according to the OCDA, Wilson whipped out a carving knife with a 12-inch blade and stabbed Julian C. in the stomach.

The friends got out of the car to help their fallen buddy and disarm Wilson.

Wilson is accused of slashing the hands and arms of Nicholas L. and Sam S. during the struggle. The fourth friend was not physically injured.

Julian C fucked up. Everyone knows you don’t come to a facebook fight unarmed. That’s just common sense. Not to mention you’re playing a road game here on Michael Jason Wilson’s home court. He’s got all the advantages, he’s planned out exactly what he’s going to do, then you show up,  get out of your car and get straight PWNED. Just a pathetic showing. At least come with some brass knuckles or maybe have your friends get out of the car instead of waiting inside like pussies. I’d de-friend those suckers as soon as I got out of the hospital.

People don’t realize but Facebook Rivalries are the real deal. They make bloods vs crips look like a Tupperware party. You want to see some nasty shit, check out Julian C’s wall or Michael Jason Wilson’s photo albums.

If someone started talking smack to me on the Book I’d be ready to throw down in a split second. Forget getting cut off in traffic or bumped at a bar, (neither are worth a fight) but call me names on the internet, it’s throwdown time. Just know that I sure as hell am not coming un-armed, hell I may have to buy a gun now just in case I get a Facebook rival in the near future, can’t be too safe these days.


I think Julian C’s first mistake was getting in a facebook rivalry with a guy who has THREE first names. The dude just reeks of crazy. If he started with me online I would concede so fast you’d think my dick had fallen off. Life is too short to be messing with guys who go by three first names, no thanks, I like my life and fighting with Michael John Wilson is a guaranteed death or life threatening injury.

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