Shit Girls Say

The does this make sense -> pass me the blanket -> turn it up -> turn it down start to the video could not be more spot on.  Honestly, any girl that can’t see how perfect this actually is, is in complete denial of their life.

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  • I got distracted by how ugly that girl is

    - clowny

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Must Be The Holidays If People Are Having Fight Night At The Mall…

That was one of the most athletic fights I have ever seen. Two finely tuned athletes going toe. My only question is was that ending where the girl on the left had her entire asshole slip out of her jeans NSWF or Not Safe for Life? I lean the latter.

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  • careful while walking by. They still havent cleaned up the lard.

    - bubbabraun
  • without a doubt the latter. That was gross

    - Anonymous

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Hey Kid, You Killed That School Play Performance Right Up Until The Point You Puked All Over Yourself

Call me immature or simple minded but puke videos never get old. I like what I like. Deal with it.

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  • Haha, no that was awesome

    - rooster

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And The Darwin Award Goes To…..

Guy touching powerline with stick. Good work bro, you deserve it.

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Frank Martin Is My Favorite NCAA Basketball Coach

All fear all the time. Carrying on the Bobby Knight “I’m going to be the meanest person in the entire world” legacy with pride.

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  • Next he’ll be wiping his ass and putting it in his player’s faces

    - rooster

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There’s A New Water Powered Jet Pack On The Market Just In Time For Christmas

Yep, this is exactly what I was looking for. It was between this human dolphin machine and a new pair of nikes but for 100 grand? Basically buys itself right? How else do you expect me to travel through air and water in 2012? Exactly.

Still the best.

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  • Plug that nose bro

    - El Hombre

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Oh So That’s How Karma Works


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Merry Christmas, Here’s A Snake In Your Tree

Our 6 year old daughter discovered a snake in our Christmas tree on Tuesday evening when she was getting ready to turn off the tree lights. Of course we thought it was a fake snake but noooooo, it was very real and very alive. The snake wasn’t poisonous and was probably harmless but it was still uninvited and unwelcome in our home.

Enough is enough. We need to kill all the snakes. No joke. All of them. And don’t anyone say that will screw up  the eco-system. Everyone with half a brain knows the “eco-system” is just a myth made up by PETA so people don’t kill ants and spiders. This shit is gone too far. If St. Patrick can get all of the snakes off Ireland why can’t we get all the snakes off planet earth? Last I checked we have nuclear bombs just wasting away in South Dakota. Time to dust those puppies off and start nuking wherever it is snakes hang out.

How about that scream. Way to HAM it up lady. We all know you consider yourself an amateur opera singer but cool it on the over-acting.


“The snake wasn’t poisonous”

Do you know anything about snakes idiot? Green equals not poisonous, every other color equals deadly. Snake 101

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  • I am not sure if you are joking or not but there are plenty of non poisonous colorful snakes.

    - mak
  • Would never happen to a Hanuakkah bush.

    - Danimal
  • let it bite you and sue

    - pk
  • You are truly going to be responsible for the death of someone one day. I believe it. And on that day, we will all circle together and laugh at that person.

    - Travis
  • i dont know, she sounded legitimately mortified to me.

    - Anonymous

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