Lebron James Prop Bets For Tonight

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I’m just hoping Tim Tebow and Brett Favre announce that they’ve been dating for the past six months at 8:59 pm tonight. I’m pretty sure Bristol, CT would spontaneously combust, either that or Peter King would literally melt into a grande mocha skim non fat double shot latte. Win-Win.

Here are my” Lebron James the decision” aka “Lebron James - I’m the biggest piece of shit on the planet” prop bet picks.

1. Lebron James signs with Cleveland +240

2. Number of  people in Lebron’s entourage Over 6.5

3. Number of Miami Heat fans before Wednesday morning Under 50.5

4. Number of Miami Heat fans after Wednesday morning Under 51.5

5. Number of people in the world who actually still like Lebron James Not counting Lebron James Under .5

Instant analysis after Lebron makes his pick, that is if the world doesnt explode.


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