Watch Out Ladies, Theres A New Dance Move Out And I’m Going To Rock The Shit Out Of It

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So if you know me you know that I’m always at the front of the dance game. I was doing that hyphy shit back in grade school before anyone else. Well it looks like a bunch of kids created a new move and its my duty to Rock the Shit out of it day and night. So what if only 10 people have seen this youtube video and it probably won’t catch on at all. If I think its hot then you think its hot, thats how The Hot Glove works.

So I guess its called reefin it, and by the looks of it all you have to do is slowly move your shoulders and act real creepy. Done and Done. I’m fucking awesome at slightly moving my shoulders back and forth and acting super creepy.

Watch out world because the Big Cat is going to be reefin it for the rest of the summer.

If anyone tries to stand over me when I’m reefin it and fake tea bag me they’re getting punched right in the cock. That was my 1 warning right there, don’t fuck with a man when he’s trying to reef.


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2 Responses to “Watch Out Ladies, Theres A New Dance Move Out And I’m Going To Rock The Shit Out Of It”

  • I think the move is a little stanky leg and reefin it at the same time. Don’t know if it can be done.

  • I can already see the Big Cat pulling this move out.

    You know what would be a sick routine? The Kick, then transition right to reefing it, followed by one more Kick.

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