Elementary School Kid Told He Can’t Wear Backpack To School Because It Is Too “Racy”

LAND O’ LAKES - A boy’s backpack with an illustration of a bikini-clad woman showing cleavage has led to standoff between the student’s father and the principal at Richey Elementary.

The father, Fred Ferrer, said Principal Ken Miesner went too far by saying that his 9-year-old son, Quentin, can’t wear the backpack at school anymore.

Miesner, though, said the backpack is causing a disruption at the school and the illustration isn’t appropriate for an elementary school setting, where some preschoolers are as young as 3.

The principal acknowledged this is a new one on him.

“I’ve never had to deal with an inappropriate backpack before,” Miesner said.

The backpack itself isn’t new, though, just the controversy.

Ferrer said Quentin, a fourth-grader, wore the backpack to school for about two years without any complaints. Last week, though, another parent noticed the illustration and complained to a secretary, who brought the backpack to the attention of teachers who told Miesner.

When I first read this headline I was all prepared to make fun of some stuck up prude parent that can’t have a good time and ruins everyone else’s fun. But then I clicked on it, and I have to admit, that’s a fucking racy backpack right there. I mean I’m not personally offended because I don’t give a fuck, but I can totally understand where these people are coming from. That chick just looks like trouble and frankly she’s intimidating the fuck out of me. Not to mention I think she may be spray painting or involved in some other juvenile deliquency, bad news

Not to mention the actual/factual thing is confusing the hell out of me, and no one makes the Big Cat look like he doesnt understand shit. So I’m voting nay on this backpack. Maybe I’m the prude, but that backpack is serious trouble.


I will say that its fucked up that the parent complained after 2 years. You get 1 week to complain about shit then you’re stuck with it. That’s how it works. Like I have a friend that has a nickname that I’m pretty sure he despises, but guess what, he didnt speak up in time, so he’s stuck with that shit for life. The statute of limitations has long passed him by.


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