Florida Man On The Loose, Wanted For Flashing His Junk Around Wal-Mart, And For Having A Pony Tail

OCOEE, Fla.Surveillance video is expected to be released Monday of a man who police say exposed himself to a teenage girl inside a Walmart Sunday afternoon.Investigators said the man opened his trench coat in front of a teenager at the store on West Colonial Drive ( see map ) in Ocoee.

According to police, the young girl who is younger than 16 years old was shopping with her mother when the incident happened.After the man allegedly exposed his sexual organs to the girl, the victim’s mother tried to catch him, but he got away.

Around 3:00pm Sunday, the store was packed with shoppers when police say the man, in a trench coat, possibly took advantage of the crowds and terrorized the young girl by exposing himself. Holiday shoppers were appalled when they heard what had happened.”That’s not normal. There is something wrong with that person if they have to go out and terrorize children,” a shopper named Joyce told WFTV. “It’s pretty bad when you can’t even go shopping and enjoy the holidays.”Police said the man was last seen heading east on Colonial Drive.

They hope the surveillance video will lead them to the suspect, and have already put out a basic description of the man.The suspect is described as a white male, 6-foot-3, with dark hair and a pony tail. He was wearing a trench coat. The car he was driving may have been a Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix with an out of state license tag, possibly from West Virginia or Michigan. The tag number is 8-R-T-4-9-8, and they believe the car has a Florida Gators plate on the front bumper.

Hold on. So you’re telling me a pony tailed man wearing a trench coat who is possibly from West Virginia but lives in Florida went into a Wal-Mart and started flashing his penis to teenage girls? Get the fuck out. How could that possibly be true? The facts just don’t add up. When have you known anyone from Florida or West Virginia to go around flashing their dick to innocent strangers, let alone someone with the fashion sense to be sporting the classy rat tail look. Something smells fishy here and I don’t know what but I’m sure the truth will eventually come out and until it does I’m throwing this story under the fiction category and slowly walking away.


Someone needs to tell Joyce that dick flashing in a Wal-Mart IS EXACTLY what can be defined as normal. You want that tickle me elmo for your kid? Well you’ll most likely be getting a side of dick in your eyeball too. That’s just how it works.


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