Best Idea Of The Year, Florida To Change Law So That Handguns Are Allowed In All Parks

(Source) Basketball, suntan lotion, beach blanket — handgun.

The new list of what’s allowed in Palm Beach County parks will soon include firearms under revamped county rules that got the initial go-ahead on Tuesday.

After years of banning guns from county sports fields, beaches, camp sites and other recreation areas, the local rules are being changed to allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns to county parks.

The final vote is Jan. 11.

County officials say the change comes after a local resident alerted them that the local ban on firearms in county parks didn’t comply with a state law, approved during the 1980s, that allows concealed weapons permit holders to bring their firearms to parks in Florida.

You know sometimes I feel like I give Florida an unfair shake. Because for all the pedophiles and serial killers there are probably just as many regular people living their lives. Maybe Florida isn’t all that bad.

Take this story for example. I mean clearly Florida is really thinking this one through, making a rational decision. Its a fact, when you get people at a park and you have barbeques, sun, alcohol, meth heads, youth sporting events and partying, the ONLY thing in the world that can make it more safe is if everyone has a handgun. So hats off Florida, you did good this time.


Back in our college days G and I used to play ball at a less than desirable Madison park and there was one time that a hard foul resulted in a handgun being pulled, and it was at that exact moment that I realized how guns are the best arbiter of meaningless disputes.


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