Was Josh McDaniels The Worst NFL Coach Of All Time?

He has to be right? I mean have you ever seen a resume quite like this…

He traded away the franchise quarterback just coming into his prime (Jay Cutler)

He alienated and then traded away a top 10 wide receiver (Brandon Marshall)

He traded up to in the 2009 draft to reach for an undersized cornerback who he then traded away a year later for a backup tight end. Oh and the cornerback is having a break out year with his new team, 5 ints and a forced fumble (Alphonso Smith)

He traded away a running back for a career backup QB and the running back is also having a breakout year, 905 yards 11 tds (Peyton Hillis)

He went a career 11-17, and blew a 6-0 start in 2009 to miss the playoffs

He got caught videotaping the San Francisco 49ers this year, a team that has the simplest offense in the entire world, further embarrassing his organization.

Look at that list. Its actually kind of incredible that he kept a job for as long as he did. It almost was like Josh McDaniels had a bet with all his friends to see how quickly he could get fired and then just unleashed his stupidity in record speed. I almost feel bad for the Broncos, then I remember that I hate the Broncos. So really I’m more proud of Josh, you did good kid, real good.


I guess its all a wash when you draft god’s son.

tebow Was Josh McDaniels The Worst NFL Coach Of All Time?


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