Gnarly 90s - Kriss Kross and Eating Habits

First and foremost I have now come up with a new name for chucky cheeses where pedophiles hang out…Chubby Cheeses

Being a New Englander, the past few days have been rough. Actually so rough they have caused me to gain 6 pounds since Sunday. See when the Pats lose, my ability to function also goes out the window along with adding 3000 calories to my diet. I have yet to eat a home cooked meal or a self made lunch at work because of it. Subway? sounds good. 6 grams of fat or less subs? No thank you. Footlong Meatball (1160 cal. 70 carbs and 1500 mg sodium) sounds better. Salad for dinner? Sure with a side of 2 double cheese burgers and 2 large fries thank you very much, oh and hold the salad. My mom asks why I do this to myself and I simply respond. “Yo Adrian, I am in a bulking phase”. (Her name definitely is not Adrian FYI) You know where you eat a shit ton and gain serious muscle mass then afterwards cut all the fat and your jacked. My  problem though is the lack of actually stepping foot into a gym. So I come to the best workout of all. Kriss Kross’s JUMP!

These little fuckers sure are in good shape. They make Billy Blanks look like a woman’s aerobic step class. Although the dance moves pale in comparison to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer they literally have some of the most exhausting, stamina demanding moves I have ever seen. When this shit was played all throughout college I swear my vertical increased by 10 inches.

Lyrically they are beyond gifted. No I do not mean that Helen Keller gifted, I mean Fat Bastard gifted. They even use their puberty voice cracks to make the song sound silly ill. ( :29 sec mark). MAC DADDY and DADDY MAC flew like eagles above anything that was published at that time and they were just kids. These fools spit the hottest fire of the three 1 hit wonders. Just check this out!

How High? Real high, cause I’m just so fly

A young lovable, huggable type of guy

Soooo, these balla’s are high huh? How old are they? Ohhh they are talking about how high they jump, whoops. And for the record they would kick Beiber’s ass and probably make him drink ass milk from a cow.

-Fat Bastard

P.S. Realistically Right now Daddy Mac has serious Alopecia and has 3 corn rows, its sad but he still could def beat the shit out of Beiber and shave his scalp to fill out the rest of his head.

Clip of the Week: Nick Cages best acting job. It was kinda like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. Personalities, camera presence and plot/character just blended personally. Seriously see Kick Ass. I was skeptical at first but by movies end, I needed to see it again. Just watch the clip and see for yourself.

Chris Farley Clip of the Week

Quote of the Week

“Are you going to finish those fries?” - Fat Bastard

- No really…are you?


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