Connecticut Woman Gets Naked At School Car Wash And Pees All Over The Place

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) - A 43-year-old Fairfield woman has been arrested after police say she undressed and urinated in front of children near a car wash fundraiser for a local middle school

Amy Ficke is charged with creating a public disturbance and driving under the influence.

Police say children and others at the McKinley School car wash witnessed Ficke get out of her car Saturday and relieve herself.

Police said Ficke failed three sobriety tests. She is due in court on May 24. A message seeking comment from Ficke was left at her home.

I asked myself the other day a question I never really wanted to know the answer to. Do girls pee in the shower? For some reason, in my 26 years on this planet I had never even considered the thought that girls would do  such a thing. I pee in the shower every day. Sometimes I even know I have to pee, stare at the toilet while the shower warms up, and then get into the shower to pee. But I’m a guy and thats what guy’s do. They pee in the shower, they shit with the door open, go riverboat gambling and make beef jerky. But girls? I always thought there was no way girls  pee in the shower. Well, unfortunately it looks like Amy Ficke here may have proven me wrong. Because make no mistake, this was a situation where a drunk person was resorting to their most trusted and old habits. She was naked, there was a shower going (car wash) and she peed, Ergo Facto all women pee in the shower. Equal parts disgusting and depressing. This revelation just ruined my week.

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