Iowa Woman Accused Of Arson. Said When She Gets Scared She Likes To Throw Fire

DES MOINES, Iowa — A 26-year-old woman is accused of starting a fire in the Des Moines apartment from which she was being evicted.

According to The Des Moines Register, Cassie Majerus was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of arson. Majerus had been served earlier in the week with eviction papers.

Police say the apartment’s smoke alarms were found in a closet by the bathroom.

According to a police report, Majerus told officers that “she likes to throw fire at things when she gets scared.”

Polk County Jail records said Friday that Majerus remained in custody, pending bail of $25,000. Online court records don’t list the name of her attorney.


This is 100% the landlord’s fault. Shouldn’t the landlord have vetted out Cassie Majerus just a little bit? Ask her a couple personal questions, see how she does under pressure. I mean its pretty fucking clear, when Cassie Majerus gets scared she throws fire. Thats not a fact she is keeping from people, you just have to ask and she’ll be happy to tell. So really the landlord has two options. 1) Don’t rent to Cassie Majerus or 2) Make sure she never ever gets scared. Seems pretty simple to me.


Is Cassie Majerus hot? I honestly can’t tell. That haircut is banging but the mickey mouse T is throwing me off.


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