Salt Lake City Woman Tries To Trade Olive Garden Salad For Cocaine With Undercover Cop, Surprisingly It Doesn’t Work Out

SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake City woman has been arrested after authorities say she asked an undercover officer to give her drugs in exchange for a salad.

KSL-TV reports the 33-year-old woman approached the officer who was working on a street corner known for drug sales. Police say she asked the officer for $10 worth of cocaine, but said she only had $2 and an Olive Garden salad in a to-go box.

She told the undercover officer she could return a little later with more money or some gift cards to Olive Garden.

Police allege another officer searched the woman and found a glass pipe inside a cigarette pack in her pocket.

The woman was arrested and charged Monday with attempted possession or use of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Thanks for the details Sacramento Bee. Way to really paint the full picture. How are we possibly supposed to make judgement without knowing what type of salad was in play here? I mean if it was one of those gross garden salads with a bunch of vegetables and salady things then yeah, this cop should arrest the woman for trying to barter a salad for cocaine. But what if it was one of those fat person salads? You know the ones I’m talking about. Where the person tells themselves they’re eating healthy even though their salad has like 10 pounds of bacon, 5 pounds of chicken and 3 gallons of dressing on it. A salad like that HAS to be worth a dime bag of cocaine. Fat person salads are delicious. They’re everything you want to eat on one tiny piece of lettuce. So until we find out what salad was on the trading block here I’m reserving all judgement.

If you know you’re going to be purchasing some cocaine with your OG leftovers don’t you think it would be a smart idea to grab a few free breadsticks, you know, to strengthen your negotiation power? Or does that make too much sense for a person who is trying to trade a $2 salad for cocaine with an undercover police officer?

I guess you also don’t win cocaine with salad


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