Introducing The Hoffsicle, The Hasselhoff Popsicle

(Source) BGT judge David Hasselhoff shows he’s got stardom licked - after being turned into an ice lolly.

The ex-Baywatch star - named smoothest TV star of 2011 in a poll - was honoured by ice cream company Del Monte with a Raspberry Iced Smoothie.

Ex-Knight Rider star David, 58, said: “The new Hoffsicle ice lolly rocks.

“Like me, it might take a licking but it keeps on ticking.”


This is when you know you have officially made it. When you’re staring eye to with a popsicle bearing your exact likeness. That’s it right there. That’s the top. So now the only question is, if you’re Hasselhoff, how many hoffsicles will you eat? Can you sustain a healthy lifestyle, flawless physique, and world renowned vocal abilities eating a diet consisting exclusively of hoffsicles? I’m probably going to eat somewhere around 10,000 hoffsicles this summer, and I think the Hoff kind of owes it to his fans to do the same.

Rasberry iced smoothie? That’s fucking disgusting. I can’t stand deserts that aren’t actually deserts. What’s the point. Its like when people eat those weird fruit strips from Whole Foods. You know the ones. The apricot leather strips or whatever the fuck they call them. Those people are such cocksuckers.


“Like me, it might take a licking but it keeps on ticking.”

Can’t call it cocky when its true. Fucking Hoff. Guy has it all and he knows it.


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