Is It Weird That I Hate Chris Bosh More Than Lebron And Dwayne Wade?

Its weird. I used to have zero feelings about Chris Bosh. Total indifference. I just knew he was a somewhat skilled, somewhat soft big man that played in a foreign country. But for some reason, over the past few months, I have slowly hated him more and more every day. And I know it makes no sense because Lebron is the dickhead and D-Wade is the conniving mastermind. Those are the guys everyone should hate. But I just can’t hate them the same way, because they’re actually good.

Chris Bosh is that hang around friend that doesnt say anything, never really does anything cool, and slowly but surely everyone begins to resent. Everyone has had one of those friends. The do nothing friends. No one can even remember why he is in the group to begin with. That’s Chris Bosh. Like I said, its weird, but Chris Bosh now elicits more anger in me than Lebron ever will.

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  • i’m sure he’ll give a fuck when he’s cleaning his championship ring collection in years to come.

    - El Izle

  • @A-train: or his neck or braces or .. damn. i think its the entire “him”..

    - Anonymous
  • You could not be more spot fucking on!!

    - Fien
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  • “Change your face, or I’ll change it for you” - Joakim Noah

    - Wishful thinking
  • I was actually just having this conversation the other day. I think its his face.

    - A-train

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Its Official The MVP Is Derrick Rose’s To Lose

So you could make the argument for Lebron, who has somehow become underrated. And you can make the case for Dirk who has rejuvenated the Mavs and put them back in title contention or Dwight Howard who has matched his D with an Offensive game that is not just dunking and throwing the ball at the rim but coming into the all-star break the MVP is D-Rose’s to lose. He has been the best all around player in the league from game 1 to game 51. The Bulls, who were supposed to fit neatly into that 4th spot in the East are a game out of 2nd and two games out of first, and for the first time since Jordan Chicago has a legitimate shot at a title run.

He has basically raised all expectation for the Bulls in the past 2 months. Before the season started everyone kind of assumed it would be a second round exit to the Magic, Celtics or Heat, but now the Eastern Conference finals are absolutely within reach and the Bulls can go toe to toe with any of those three teams.

And guess what. He’s TWENTY TWO years old. Think about that for a second.  If he won the MVP he would be the youngest to do so in the history of the game. Uncharted territory right there. And to think all this could have happened  in Miami, Minnesota, or Memphis if a few ping pong balls didn’t bounce the Bulls way. Actually, don’t think about that, just be thankful, because Derrik Rose is a dream come true for the Bulls and Chicago.

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  • I think that derrick rose will make a good mvp player and he should win that becasue he is a good basketball player

    - michelle gongora
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  • the bulls have 0% at winning a title, sorry.

    they don’t have the wings to matchup with Miami, nor the bigs to matchup with boston.

    that much being said the bulls are well above where I’d thought they’d be at this point and d-rose is scary good.

    - willkav
  • Lebron is going to win because the voters won’t give it to a 22 year old pg. Fact

    - TJ
  • I don’t think Lebron has become underrated. Derrick does what he does while being double or triple teamed, while Lebron is a little girl and went to an all-star where he has 1 on 1′s all the time.

    - Phil

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Can Blake Griffin Be Stopped?

Guy is unreal. He was literally unstoppable in the first half last night. Anything and everything he wanted he got. He had 17 of the Clippers 23 in the first quarter. It was unbelievable. Thank god the rest of the Clippers suck and D-Rose was still the best player on the floor last night even with Griffin’s lights out 1st quarter, otherwise the Bulls may have actually had a game on their hands.

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  • I thought stacey king was going to hook up with Blake right there on the court

    - kev

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Ok This Time The Bulls Are Literally Free Money

Now I know the last time I said the Bulls were free money I crashed and burned. But thats alright. Because the great ones shoot their way out of funks. And I absolutely LOVE the Bulls tonight. Classic Buy low sell high. Bulls in a mini-funk, Mavs coming off a win against the Lakers. Buy low, sell high. Its that fucking easy.

Mavs @ Bulls -3.5

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The Bulls Are Virtually Free Money Tonight

Am I losing my mind or is this not the biggest no-brainer in the history of the world? There are two things I know about the Bobcats. 1. They stink and 2. They stink even more on the road. This should be a double digit line. Seriously, Bulls will probably win by 20 tonight.

Bobcats @ Bulls -7.5

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You Know The Bulls Are Good Again When People Are Fighting In The Stands

How old is that chick? Honestly, she looks like she’s 10. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, typical Lakers fan, getting her ass beat  by a 10 year old girl.


How about that bald guy just taking it all on. Guy didn’t even flinch. Like get out of my way girls I’m trying to check out the Luvabulls.

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  • Yeah you’d think that guy would at least stand up, not like they are fighting in his lap or anything

    - Davey
  • How about that guy sitting behind Mike Tyson’s daughter just completely unfazed trying to watch Boozer dunk all over Gasol’s grill? I love this guy’s dedication.

    - Danimal

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Breaking News - Chicago Bulls Make Biggest Free Agent Signing Of The Summer

Yahoo Sports has reported that forward Brian Scalabrine, who spent the last five seasons with the Celtics, has agreed to a non-guaranteed contract with the Chicago Bulls.

Scalabrine, 32, averaged 9.1 minutes a game last season, but played only one playoff game. His career scoring average is 3.3.

In Chicago, Scalabrine re-joins former Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, who is now the Bulls’ head coach. According to the Yahoo report’s sources, Scalabrine was a “good bet” to make the team.

Did you guys think I was talking about Melo? Fuck no, that guy is way over-rated. I’m talking about that ginger glue that will hold together the Bulls Nucleus.

Brian Scalabrine is in the house and all that guy does is win championships, plain and simple.

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  • [...] Breaking News – Chicago Bulls Make Biggest Free Agent Signing Of … [...]

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  • Being a boston man i am so fucking pissed scal skipped town on us, he was a fucking legend and will not be forgotten. Chicago will grow to love him, you dont know how privileged you are o have a guy like scal on your team. My respect for the celtics dropped ever so slightly with this move.

    - fat bastard
  • not funny, not even at all

    - Biff
  • The human victory cigar!

    - Kev

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Tracy McGrady, Saying All The Wrong Things

Tracy McGrady spoke like he was already a member of the Chicago Bulls when he addressed reporters Monday, using the word “we” as he described the team’s prospects for next season.

“I think we can be really good,” McGrady said, “I really do.”

But McGrady hasn’t completely sold the Bulls and might not get the contract offer he wants and expects, according to sources with knowledge of Chicago’s thinking.

After the workout at the Bulls’ practice facility in Deerfield, Ill. — in a manner that made it sound as though his signing was a virtual formality — McGrady confirmed to the assembled media that going to Chicago is his first choice in free agency.

“This was a great team, a pretty good team, without adding myself and Carlos Boozer, and some of the key players that they added this offseason,” McGrady said.

Yet McGrady, when asked about coming off the bench, seemed to suggest that he expects to be more than a role player in Chicago.

“I won’t have a problem, but that’s not what I’m really shooting for,” McGrady said. “I think, yeah, if I was the player that I was in a Knicks uniform [at the end of last season], I would have no problem coming off the bench. But I’ve worked extremely hard and I’m far from being that player. Trust me.

“It’s up to me in training camp,” McGrady continued, “to prove I’m a starter.”

Tracy McGrady had two things he had to do to get a contract from the Bulls. 1) Not look absolutely terrible in practice and 2) Say the right things. Looks like he failed miserably with that second point. Way to go T-Mac.

I guess it works out better for the Bulls though. T-Mac’s inability to take a good hard look in the mirror and see that he is a shell of his former self hopefully saved the Bulls the headache of an over the hill star causing problems in the locker room. If I were the Bulls I would run and run fast. T-Mac basically said he thinks he is a starter and at this point whatever backtracking he may do is not enough to convince me that come mid-january when he is getting 10 minutes a game he won’t start moping and acting like a baby. Time to look elsewhere.

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  • Yeah, I heard the word limping used many times. Stay away

    - Big Cat
  • Apparently he failed the first part too and couldn’t move too well.

    - Meatman

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