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Editor’s Note

As some of you may know I’m an ideas guy. It’s just one of the many gifts god bestowed upon me. Every day I have at least one idea that is probably a million dollar idea, and that’s me being modest.

Who do you think came up with the idea for Onion Wings (Onion rings shaped like chicken wings, making them easier for dipping), or a Jorts Tailor, just making custom jean shorts for anyone and everyone. That’s right, I did. And guess what, I didn’t even have to work to think those up, they just popped in my head and BOOM another million dollar idea.

So every Friday I will be unveiling 1 of my fail proof business ideas just so you can take a peak into the mind of a genius. I warn you that I will only be revealing a fraction of my ideas, I have to keep the big ones to myself.

So Without Further ado, I give you Business Idea Friday or BIF for short.

Today’s Idea is simple but perfect. When you think of luxury what comes to mind? For me it’s 4 things – champagne, caviar, jaguar, and white leather furniture. Now clearly the market has been cornered on the first 3 but the last one is like the wild wild west just waiting for someone to make an ass load of cash.

Just think of it now – Big Cat’s White Leather Emporium. Everything in the store is made out of white leather. Couches, chairs, beds, tables, floors, even the silverware – all white leather. You need white leather you come to Big Cat’s, end of story. There is no other option, it’s Big Cat’s or milk crates. Ok, maybe crate and barrel or Pier 1 has furniture but do they have a certified white leather expert ready to serve you 24/7? I don’t think so.

Now I understand what some of you may be thinking right about now, “Big Cat, who cares about white leather, furniture is furniture, who cares what it is made out of”.

What you fail to recognize is that White Leather is for royalty, white leather makes every day special. I had a white leather couch in college that my roommates found on the street and every day I sat on that thing I felt like Prince Charles or King Tut. It gave me a bounce in my step just knowing that I was special enough to have white leather in MY living room. That feeling is priceless.

So if anyone reading this is ready to take the next step in their business career Ive estimated I need about 3 million dollars cash and we’ll be ready to roll as the White Leather King’s of the world.

Tune in next week for my BIF about an online store that only sells shoes, just be prepared to have your mind blown.


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2 Responses to “Business Idea Friday”

  • What the Big Cat failed to mention is that the white couch’s name was Miami and it now sits, charred by a gasoline-fire, at the bottom of Lake Mendota. I can picture it now, Snuffy’s ashes on one cushion and Frederick’s on the other.

  • This idea is so crazy it may just work

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