3 Year Old Jumps On The Bed And Through A Window

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 5 (UPI) — Police in California said a 3-year-old boy bouncing on a bed jumped too hard and crashed out a window screen at an apartment building, but was not hurt.

West Sacramento Police Lt. Tod Sockman said the child was jumping on a bed at Meadowbrook Apartments before 2 p.m. Tuesday and exited the apartment through a window screen, landing on the grass below, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, reported Wednesday.

Sockman said the boy cried for a time after his fall, but medics found him to be uninjured. It was unclear whether the window was on the first or second story of the building.

Police said the parents are not facing any charges.

This kid is a true rebel. Just breaking rules left and right, having bed jumping parties in the afternoons and flying out of windows. He’s clearly a real badass because no jumping on the bed is like the second most important rule of childhood. Until I was probably 10 years old I had three rules in my entire life.

  1. Don’t eat tuna fish before you swim
  2. No Jumping on the bed
  3. Step on a Crack, Break Your Mama’s Back

And here is this kid just blowing right through Rule 2 at age 3. This kid is pre-destined for a life of crime and violence, you can just see it. Because everyone knew those kids in the neighborhood, the ones that started watching married with children when they were like 5 years old and had a cap gun by age 7. Those kids were bad apples.

And this guy is clearly on a similar path to destruction, unless of course he keeps crying like a pussy every time he goes through a window, then everyone will just know him as a bed wetting cry baby. Have fun with that kid.


2 Responses to “3 Year Old Jumps On The Bed And Through A Window”

  • I actually started watching married with children at the age of 5 as well as pulled a role of caps through a cap gun at the age of 6, lighting the role on fire…I cannot believe I have to go to jail now…

  • haha, Love rule 3, never break that rule

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