The Last Word On The Lebron Debacle

Thankfully this entire ordeal can finally be put to rest. What has transpired in the past two weeks has been equal parts interesting, intriguing, and downright stupid. ESPN, like they do with almost every sports story, drove this thing down our throats, surrounding us with Lebron talk 24/7. At the end of the day while I don’t think Lebron did the smartest thing I can’t say it was a dumb decision. I mean when you actually put it in perspective he chose playing with 2 great players in Miami vs playing with mediocre players in Cleveland, Ohio.

Just take that out of context for one second and his decision was a no-brainer.

With that said the way he did it was inexcusable. To drag it out so slowly, killing the fans that loved him so much every step of the way. Then he had the balls to not even tell the Cavs front office of his decision, letting them find out with the rest of the world on national television. That right there is the definition of cold-blooded.

But at the end of the day it was Lebron’s decision and his decision alone. I think the whole legacy talk and the fact that he took the easy way to a championship is a little overblown. If the guy wants to win then he did the right thing. I don’t think Lebron will ever regret that aspect of his decision, especially if he wins multiple championships.

I do think Lebron missed the point on one thing though. It is rare today in sports for an athlete to have a home. Not a hometeam, an actual home. Most athletes dont spend their entire careers in one place, they move around from city to city as overpaid mercenaries.

But not Lebron, Lebron had a home, he had a city that loved him unconditionally and he gave that away. Yeah the Heat fans might love him but at the end of the day he is still just a hired gun. I bet in 15 years that is what Lebron will regret the most. He will have no home. He can’t be Michael coming back to Chicago or Bird visiting Boston. He is a basketball nomad by choice, and nothing can change that.


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