What Is Going On In China? First They Beat Up Women, Now They Are Killing Pandas.

In a terrible miscarriage of justice, plainclothes police severely beat the wife of an important provincial official in a horrendous case of mistaken identity. The woman was beaten because she was thought to be a citizen petitioning offices in the hope of redressing wrongs committed by the government.

Last month, six public security officers attacked Chen Yulian, the wife of a provincial law enforcement officer, when she tried to enter her husband’s office building, which also houses the Hubei provincial party headquarters.

Despite her many attempts to explain that she was only visiting her husband who worked in the building, Chen was knocked to the ground, transported to the police station and yelled at when she requested medical attention. She sustained a concussion and damaged brain and nerve tissues.

“This incident is a total misunderstanding. Our police officers never realized that they beat the wife of a senior leader. A strong wave of fists rained down on her for more than 16 minutes,” the Communist Party chief of the district bureau told the press.


A Giant Panda died after succumbing to gases being used to disinfect a nearby air raid shelter. Quan Quan, a 21 year old Giant Panda, died after rescue personnel tried unsuccessfully to revive her. She had been taken to the hospital but was unable to be saved.

Wait, what? How about we didn’t mean to kick the shit out of a helpless woman? I think that is the appropriate response. Not, whoops, we beat up that one chick but we meant to smash that other one over there.

Seriously, China. Get your shit together. We know you play by your own rules and do whatever the fuck you want but this is just getting out of hand. The minute you start beating up women for sport and killing Pandas is the minute The Hot Glove has to take a stand. This is a political blog after all, and my specialty is global politics.

So here it is, I am officially boycotting Chinese food forever*. Forever, China, think about that. Forever.

I know I’m a callous asshole but even I have limits. I just can’t be supporting a country that is doing all sorts of crazy shit like this. So goodbye General Tsao’s and Kung Pao Chicken, you’re dead to me.

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Does Panda Express really call themselves gourmet chinese food? That would be like me calling The Hot Glove the Wall Street journal.

*Forever in this case means for the rest of the morning, because my office is getting Chinese take out for lunch. I mean did you really think I’m never eating Chinese Food again? Get real. This is all Theatrics.


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