Roommate Fight Ends Up In Nose Bitten Off

Boise, Idaho (The Weekly Vice) - John Olele, a 30-year-old Idaho man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly bit off his roommate’s nose during verbal altercation that suddenly turned violent.

According to Boise Police, officers were called out on a report of a fight in progress late Sunday evening. Officers arrived on scene to find and adult male with massive amounts of blood on his face and most of his nose missing.

Investigators say the victim’s nose was bitten off by Olele after the two got into a heated argument that turned violent.

Police reportedly searched the yard where the altercation took place, however the victim’s nose was nowhere to be found. The victim was transported to a local hospital, however the man’s condition has not been reported.

Olele was booked into the Ada County Jail on a felony charge of mayhem.

And if you were ever wondering what a felony charge of mayhem is wonder no more. I mean this isn’t assault, this is MAYHEM. Just the perfect charge for a guy that goes around biting off noses. When I used to get mad at my roommates I would slam a door and yell a little bit, you know normal roommate decorum. But biting off a nose, that’s called taking the party to the next level. You’re not fucking around when you bite another man’s nose clean off. I guess this is just how life is in Boise Idaho, they play football on a blue turf and bite each other’s noses off. Weird place all around.


I wonder what the fight was about, had to be over a girl right? Guy probably got a little nosy about John Olele’s girlfriend.


You knew you were getting a corny nose joke so deal with it. It was either that or “I guess we know who has this guys nose”. Can’t write a blog about a nose eating roommate without throwing a pun out there, that’s blogging 101.


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