The Manny Show Heads to the Southside

The White Sox have added Manny Ramirez in what appears to be a straight waiver claim.  The White Sox would pick up the remaining $3.825 million on Manny’s two year, $45 million contract.  There is still a chance that the teams could work out a trade that would involve a mid-level prospect going to the Dodgers in exchange for L.A paying a portion of Manny’s contract.

This is a great move that has nothing but upside.  The Sox get a huge upgrade at the DH position and add a big piece to the offense to try to make a run at the Twins in this last month of the season.  Worst case scenario is that we don’t make a charge to the top and Jerry Reinsdorf’s retirement account is a few million dollars lighter.

If nothing else, this season just got so much more entertaining.  Things have just been kind of sluggish lately as we sit 4.5 games back and can’t find a spark.  Manny pretty much brings a spark and some excitement wherever he goes.  I can’t wait to have Manny and Ozzie in the same clubhouse just to see them try to one up each other every day.  So much crazy shit is going to happen.

I’m wondering if Konerko is going to like the Manny Hug or not?  He doesn’t seem as touchy feely as Big Papi.


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