Gator Almost Takes One Armed Man’s Only Arm

(NewsCore) - A Florida man who lost an arm after trying to rescue some baby birds nearly lost the other one — trying to help an alligator, NBC Miami reported Monday.

Alexander Alcantare spotted the eight-foot (2.5m) gator, which had been hit in the head with an arrow, in water near his Miami-Dade home about 9:00pm Sunday.

“I figured I’d trap it and get it some medical attention,” he said.

The alligator attacked him though, biting him on his good arm as he tried to restrain it.

“I couldn’t really handle him too good,” Alcantare said. “The guy I asked to help me, he got scared and let go of the rope and since I couldn’t secure his mouth, he got me.”

Alcantare told NBC Miami he had lost his other arm when he fell on an electric fence while trying to rescue some baby birds. His arm was burned so badly it had to be amputated.

“That’s why I couldn’t handle him [the alligator] too good like before, but I did pull him out of the water,” he said.

Who the fuck does this guy think he is, Ranger Rick or something? Honestly dude, just let the arrow speared gator chill, he can handle that shit, he’s a gator. And what’s with rescuing baby birds? I’m pretty sure I saw a thing on Nat’l Geographic once that said 99.99% of Baby Birds die. So those things we’re probably fucked anyway. No reason to lose your arm over it.

This is why you should just never get involved in other people’s shit. Like if I saw that gator with an arrow in its head I’d probably just watch the thing from a safe distance for like 2 days straight, but I sure as shit wouldn’t try to help it. You get involved, and you lose an arm, that’s how it works. If you mind your own business you get to keep your arm and you get to watch an arrow speared gator act awesome. Sounds like a way better option to me.


Whats with the friend. I’m 100% against getting involved in other peoples shit but once you do you have to be all in. Pretty embarrassing to pussy out while a one armed guy is wrestling a gator solo. You just got beat by a wounded gator AND a handicapped person, time to hang up the cleats.


If I actually decided to go after a gator there is no chance I would lose an arm. I’d fuck that gator up so bad, thing would be writing blogs for me by Sundown.


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5 Responses to “Gator Almost Takes One Armed Man’s Only Arm”

  • I was surprised for a second you didn’t mention that someone was obviously bow-hunting gators, but then I realized they sit still 99% of the time and it’s not really that badass

  • I agree, guy is a baller, except for the baby birds, that’s just weird.

  • i dont know man, i think you have to give this guy some credit here. Dude has one arm, his pussy friend lets go of the rope tied around the thing’s mouth, but he still manages to pull the gator out of the water? Impressive…

  • “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!”

  • Chubbs would have had this guy no problem. Look at that oversized hand!

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