Introducing The Newest Dance Move “Getting Daggered”

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I think I’m cool with this dance move as long as I’m the one getting daggered. But, if  doing the dagger means I have to go start grinding on 5 year olds then I am definitely not down with the dagger. So yay on dagger but I have to be the dageree not the dagerer. That’s non-negotiable.


I love how this kid just grabs on for dear life and rides it out like a champ. Kid has swagger for days. If that was 5 year old Big Cat he would have shit and pissed himself site on seen. I just didn’t have the charisma and j’ne sais quoi that I have now.


You should have seen me trying to spell j’ne sais quoi before I gave up and called someone for help. There were g’s, q’s and z’s flying everywhere. Absolute shitshow.


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