The State Of Wisconsin Is Really Starting To Embarass Itself, Banning Fake Pot And Cracking Down On Partying

WAUKESHA, Wis. — The Waukesha Common Council president Paul Ybarra calls synthetic cannabinoid, also know as K2 or “fake pot”, “a ticking time bomb.”That’s why he joined other common council members Tuesday in voting to pursue a ban on the sale of K2.So far Eau Claire, Superior and La Crosse have passed K2 bans, and Milwaukee is currently considering one.Ybarra said three stores in Waukesha currently sell it and anyone can smoke it legally.The aldermen’s unanimous vote directs the city attorney’s office to draw up an ordinance with penalties that could be enacted at the next council meeting.

and this…

The city of Madison attorney’s office has issued municipal complaints against three University of Wisconsin-Madison students with fines totaling more than $86,000 in connection with a house party the students hosted last month, Madison police said.

Madison police said officers responded to 37 N. Brooks St. shortly before 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 11 and found a couple of hundred people inside the campus-area home.

Jesus Christ, what is this kill the fun month in Wisconsin? What the hell is going on up there. This isn’t the Wisconsin I know and love. The Wisconsin where you could smoke fake pot all day and throw 300 person parties without being fined 1 million dollars.

Sad day to be a badger. First they take away your free pot and next thing you know they’ll be coming for your freedom. I mean what country do we live in if a person with fake cancer or fake glaucoma can’t smoke some fake pot to take away the fake pain? For shame Wisconsin, for shame.


This party thing is blown completely out of proportion. I saw that shit on CNN, FOX News, literally everywhere. Anyone who went to UW knows that these kids will end up paying $160 each and have to go pick up some trash on the east side for the next 4 sundays. The Cops do this ever year to get on the front page and promote “responsible” drinking. Freaks all the mothers out and everyone gets a stern talking to, whatever

If anything they need to arrest these dickbags for charging girls 5 bucks a cup. Sausage fests are an epidemic far more serious than college drinking.


Can we please get a regulation beer pong table guys? That shit is just embarrassing. I mean don’t get me wrong if I’m at that party I’ll still beat the fuck out of every last person their on that dinky piece of plywood, but I’ll also be filing an appeal to the league office for unfit playing surface.That’s how people get hurt guys.

Triple PS

I feel like Tony Fiore was the Langdon street cop back in the day that was constantly busting peoples balls. Can anyone confirm that?

Thanks to G and everyone else who tipped me on this one. TheHotGlove is a team sport here, time for everyone to suit up. Tips to [email protected]


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4 Responses to “The State Of Wisconsin Is Really Starting To Embarass Itself, Banning Fake Pot And Cracking Down On Partying”

  • A ban on these products is beyond hypocritical. The FDA approves toxic substances for human consumption all of the time and no one bats an eye, but when it comes to legal highs, watch out!

  • Didn’t SAE get completely boned off of campus because of a party bust like this? I just don’t get how the cops can pick and choose. Blind people don’t even need their dogs to find a similar party in Madison on any given weekend, ESPECIALLY a football weekend.

  • It was the first football game. Are the cops serious? What a joke

  • Thats that kid from the MTV show

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