So John Wall Thinks He Can Dance

Jesus man, take it easy. You’re just a rookie. You can’t be busting out dance moves like that on your 4th game. Not to mention that was easily the longest introduction I have ever seen. What do you think you’re Hulk Hogan? Hacksaw Jim Duggan? Give me 1 second of the dougie and move on. No need to let it hang. We get it, you like a dance that was hot 6 months ago. Way to be unoriginal bro.

Want to wow the crowd? do it like berney. I guarantee it will be the hottest move within the next month. I was doing it at a Halloween party and people we’re literally picking their jaws off the ground.

Thanks to DP for the tip


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3 Responses to “So John Wall Thinks He Can Dance”

  • Not sure what the best part about this is; the dance itself, or the homage to the late, great, Bernie Lomax.

    Let’s not forget Wall’s 8 TO’s to boot. Maybe he should worry more about holding on to the ball, and less about how to dougie. A 33 sec. Bernie into? That’s something I wanna see more of.

  • Turbo is right, that stat line for a rookie in his 4th game is insane

  • The dance was ridiculous. The 29 point/13 assist/9 steals stat line was more ridiculous. At least he can play.

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