This Kid Absolutely Killed “Like Berney”

Of all The Hottest New Dance Moves on The Hot Glove, Like Berney is easily the hottest. And of all the people doing the Berney in the world this kid is easily the best. Its like a black hole of “like Berney”. Just a perfect storm of Berney caught on tape. Berney how it was meant to be bernied. Berney in its purest form.


If I ever become mature enough to have a child of my own (highly highly doubtful) he will be berneying before he walks. And that’s not a wish, thats a fact.

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  • Not only did he kill it with his Berney he jumped right into that pink suburban on dubs to do hoodrat things with his friends.

    - Kitty Wu
  • What happened to his friend? Kid got absolutely owned.

    - T-Train

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Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move “The New Dance At School”

Been a while since we’ve had a submission to The Hottest New Dance Move category. I guess when times are tough the only thing you can do is put on a catholic school girl skirt and jump up every 10-15 seconds.


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Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move - “The Crazy Turkish Knife Dance”

Wait, so let me get this straight. All you have to do is grab a couple of knifes, dance around in a dirt circle and stab your friend a few dozen times and all the women will be chasing your junk? Sign me the fuck up. Who cares about stab wounds and internal bleeding. Those are minor details when you’re trying to own the dance floor. If I have to get stabbed, so be it. Turkish knife dance is the hot new movie and turkish knife dance is what I’ll be doing come Friday night.


Someone call up our old friend, I have a feeling this move was made for him.

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  • This is some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen…

    - G
  • That guy is the best you have ever had on THG, no question

    - Anonymous

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Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move In America - “The Wheelchair Shawty”

Is this dance move mildly offensive? You bet. Does that mean I can ignore it? Fuck no. I would be letting everyone down if I let my morals get in the way of my dancing. So go ahead and do the wheelchair shawty, just know that you’re most likely going to hell.


I’m a little upset that Like Berney got dethroned that quickly. Usually takes at least a month for me to find the next greatest move. I guess everyone is coming out with their new shit for the holidays.

Lets face it, nothing says family time around the christmas tree like pretending you are a wheelchair bound handicapped person.

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  • [...] it wrong that I find it actually somewhat catchy? Reminds me of Short Bus shawty. spotted over at The Hot GloveRead more from Rantswheelchair shawty, wheelchair shawty dance, wheelchair shorty Click here to [...]

    - New Dance Craze? Wheelchair Shawty | The Fat Brat
  • wow JR you have no sense of humor huh? I will spell it out for you. Anonymous meant “genes” but wrote “jeans” as a joke so that he doesn’t have to be racist but all the while knowing that whoever reads it will think “genes” and thus be the racist. You’re dense…

    - cj
  • really?? really? you think Anonymous was talking about BigCat’s jeans? please.

    - JR
  • really JR? I think it was suppose to be that way on purpose. You’re just one of those miserable people who takes everything way to seriously

    - cj
  • JR I think he was talking about Big Cat’s jeans not being baggy enough. what are you racist?

    - kb
  • Boom Roasted

    - Dirty Dog
  • too bad you’re not observant enough to realize you wrote ‘jeans’

    - JR
  • not gunna lie here, I mean call me sherlock holmes i guess, but I’m starting to realize what it takes to pull off all these new hot shit dance moves. And Big Cat there’s something about your jeans that makes me doubt you could

    - Anonymous

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So John Wall Thinks He Can Dance

Jesus man, take it easy. You’re just a rookie. You can’t be busting out dance moves like that on your 4th game. Not to mention that was easily the longest introduction I have ever seen. What do you think you’re Hulk Hogan? Hacksaw Jim Duggan? Give me 1 second of the dougie and move on. No need to let it hang. We get it, you like a dance that was hot 6 months ago. Way to be unoriginal bro.

Want to wow the crowd? do it like berney. I guarantee it will be the hottest move within the next month. I was doing it at a Halloween party and people we’re literally picking their jaws off the ground.

Thanks to DP for the tip

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  • Not sure what the best part about this is; the dance itself, or the homage to the late, great, Bernie Lomax.

    Let’s not forget Wall’s 8 TO’s to boot. Maybe he should worry more about holding on to the ball, and less about how to dougie. A 33 sec. Bernie into? That’s something I wanna see more of.

    - Bones Blvd
  • Turbo is right, that stat line for a rookie in his 4th game is insane

    - Brian
  • The dance was ridiculous. The 29 point/13 assist/9 steals stat line was more ridiculous. At least he can play.

    - Turbo

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Just In Time For Halloween Weekend - Introducing The New “Hottest” Dance Move

If you’ve been following The Hot Glove you know that this is the number 1 place for the latest and greatest dance moves. I don’t stay ahead of the curve, I am the curve. I gave you the butt smash , “getting daggered” , reefin , and most recently smanging it.

Well, those were all things of the past, because I know a winner when I see one and “Like Bernie” is a certified panty dropper. Just act all dead like Bernie Lomax and next thing you know you’ll be beating the ladies off with a stick.

So go ahead, bernie it, but be careful this move is clearly not for beginners.

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  • [...] - I would pay all the money in the world to watch Tony Sparano do the Like Berney dance after a [...]

    - Week 13 Picks | - The Packers Blog Born From Treachery
  • I been doin the weekend at bernies. It kills

    - DP
  • Hidden wall cam is a nice touch. That’s how you know it’s real.

    - AJ
  • I’m cannot believe ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ made it to the hood.

    - Kitty Wu
  • Ive been rocking this move for years, kills the ladies

    - KD

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