Ok Cleveland, We Get It, Lebron Screwed You, Its Time To Move On

I didn’t think I would ever get to this point but I have. Cleveland needs to shut the fuck about Lebron. Enough is enough. Yes Lebron is an asshole. Yes he boned you over on national television. Yes there is nothing else going on in Cleveland so it sucks that much more. But at some point you need to have a little personal pride. A little self respect.

Its always awkward when a break up happens and one person just can’t move on. Well guess what Cleveland, that’s you. What is left to prove? You’ve said all that can be said. He’s not coming back, he’s not going to apologize. Follow your owner’s lead and get mad, start guaranteeing championships even if there completely outlandish claims. That’s how you act. You say, fuck you lebron, you’ll never have it as good as you did here. Not complain about how Lebron is a dick 10,000 times. Move on, karma will catch up to Lebron eventually. No need to act pathetic.


How quickly Cleveland forgets all the good things it has going for it. What a shame…


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