Introducing The Greatest Movie Ever Created

I’m without words right now. MegaShark, Crocosauras and Steve Urkel, it literally can not get any better than that. This HAS to be the greatest movie of all time. Fuck the Godfather, fuck Gone with the wind, Fuck The Rock. Megashark vs Crocosauras blows all of those movies dicks off and its not even close.

And don’t start telling me that SyFy’s other movies are better. I wont fucking have it. I’ve seen Bone Eater, Ive Seen DinoCroc vs Supergator, fuck I’ve even seen Sharktopus (thought it was ok but a little unrealistic), none of those movies can hold a candle to Megashark vs Crocosauras starring Jaleel White.


How pissed do you think James Cameron is right now? Guy blows billions of dollars on some nerdy movie about blue aliens and along comes Steve Urkel just kicking him in the teeth. Hey Jimmy, you try creating a computer generated anatomically correct Megashark and then maybe I’ll be impressed, idiot.


I love the guy at :32 when that lady says “Who’s talking about a crocodile?” He just gives her this death stare like “I’m talking about a CROCASAURAS you fucking dummy”. Now that’s acting.


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