The Daily Would You Rather

Would You Rather Feel Like You Always Have To Sneeze Or Always Have To Fart?


Brutal. Just brutal. I’m tempted to say neither, and go with death, but that would be cheating. So what’s worse? I’m not really a big sneezer. Like you know how some people are just born sneezers. That’s not me. I sneeze maybe 10 times a year, tops. So the sensation of having to sneeze is much more foreign than feeling like I have to fart. Feeling like I have to fart happens anytime I enter a situation where it is socially unacceptable to fart. Walk into a meeting, gotta fart. Get into an elevator, gotta fart. Its uncanny. So I guess with that said its sneeze all the way. I’ll just think of pineapples all day everyday to get me to stop feeling like I have to sneeze. Learned that trick from Pete and Pete back in the day.

Pick - Always having to sneeze


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