The Daily Would You Rather

For the rest of your life Would You Rather piss your pants once a month or shit your pants twice a year?

The good old classic debate of quantity vs quality. Pissing your pants once a month would no doubt suck, and I’m sure everyone would give you a hard time but pooping your pants is sort of a dealbreaker. Like if that happens just once in the wrong crowd you’ve cemented your legacy for life. Not to mention shitting your pants isn’t exactly the easiest thing to disguise. Kind of tough to be inconspicuous about a puddle of diarrhea in your hanes. Whereas with piss you can just pretend you spilled on yourself, bingo bango, problem solved. Don’t even need to wash your jeans.

Pick - Pissing your pants once a month.


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7 Responses to “The Daily Would You Rather”

  • Hambone, should have clarified, meant sober pissing/shitting of the pants. Obviously we all here will be doing the drunk version on the reg until the day we die.

  • I object to this “would you rather,” don’t all your readers get drunk enough to piss themselves at least once a month? Maybe this isn’t the blog I thought it was.

  • Sheeeeeitballs. I’d take “shit your pants twice a year” in a heartbeat. Not that wetting myself constantly would be a blast, but let’s just say that the elasticity of my sphincter has yet to recover from that summer I spent in West Hollywood. Unfortunately the result had been almost weekly visits from the poo-fairy. On the plus side though, I haven’t bought toilet paper in years.

  • Lampi, sounds like youve pissed yourself on more than one occasion. Kind of changes your decision if youre a pee-pants pro.

  • Terrible choice. Shake pantleg over a garbage, tidy up with boxers, discard = good as new.

    Pooping 2X’s annually, all the way.

    PS - I’ve got to quit tying my actual name to these posts.

  • Can you wear a diaper?

  • Pissing would be so much more comfortable, especially if its cold outside.

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